The Best First Kiss!

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Kissing is the gateway to love making. So you have to be a good kisser to not only keep your spouse....but to turn them on as well. Kissing your partner for the first time can create a whirlwind of emotions; nervousness, excitement and even stress. So when you decide to have that first kiss you have to make sure you do it right and do it well! Here are some steps to help out with the first kiss...

Spontaneity is sometimes the key to success however it does not work for everyone. But if you plan and prepare for the event you will have total control over when said kiss is going to happen. With preparing for this kiss you need to have fresh breath and supple lips.....not sand paper.

Choosing the absolute perfect spot also is something to take into consideration. If you want the moment to be special...the scenery plays an important role in that. Sure they wont know why you want to go to the woods, or at the top of Space Mountain at Disneyland but they will sure as hell remember why you took them there afterwards.

Okay, so you are at the location so you are just going to slob them down?? NO! Wait for the right moment. That moment will vary by person but it could be after he says something sweet to you, or you just have that moment where you are just staring into his eyes and it feels right. When that moment comes seize it! Do not let a good moment go to waste!

Alright...that moment is finally here and you are gazing into their eyes. This is also a non verbal signal to let them know you are about to make that magical move. Without breaking your eye contact with him move in closer and closer. Please estimate where his lips are going to be if you decide to close your eyes. In my opinion kissing someone with your eyes wide open is such a fuckin turn off. You see their eyes just staring at you or wandering everywhere UGH! Close them bitches!

Slob him down! Everyone has a different kissing style but of course good kissers know the perfect technique to giving a good kiss. As you make your move forward, don't go all the way, leave some room for him to meet you 1/4 of the way to your face. This ensures he wants to indeed kiss you as well. DO NOT open your mouth wide open and provide gentle suction when your lips touch his.

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