The Big Boy

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Fellas.....are you lacking in the penis department? Do you need to impress someone while in your underwear or speedo or wearing those skinny jeans but you just simply aren't packing the meat?

Well the makers of Gun Oil lube brings you the BIG BOY! Penis Enhancer. This enhancer is a “full basket undergarment” that is “ultra secret” and “form fitting”. So go to the beach and watch the girl’s faces light up with interest instead of the usual chuckling. Also useful when heading to the ocean’s colder waters. I guess the old sock trick is just passe now.

User Reviews:

"Awesome product! Shipped discreetly and quickly!Im using the BIG BOY for 2 years now with sweat pants and I love it

"I looks the same size like when im hard I like to put a sock in front of it feels better and looks better too

"Awesome product. Made me want to reach down and play with myself every time I saw it.

"This thing is awesome. Before I tried The Big Boy I was a loser with no confidence, no friends, and no pussy. Then one night, I wore it out to the bars, and Bam! girls are all over me. Thank you,, I am now engaged and have two chldren!"

"after many lonely nites in the castro where the motion of the oceans is secondary, i tried your schlonge enhancer and boy howdy how my san francisco nites are warm as the bears on 18th. if only mark twain had this wonderful product. now i have 13 boyfriends and no lonely problems."

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