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Its that magical time of year again....That time where we spend the holidays with out close friends and families and hopefully that special man or woman in our lives. The holidays are always an awkward time because the country we live in is so diverse and everyone celebrates them differently. We have heard of summer romances but what about holiday ones???

Do you seem to be just in it to get a gift and by the time January is here you guys have broken up?? There is certainly a technique to dating someone during the holidays and having it last even through this time of year.


When you bring that special someone to holiday parties or get together you must make sure that you introduce your date to your friends and family so they are included in most if not all conversations and not left out. Because I absolutely HATE when I go places with people and they just leave me out to dry while they are KEE KEEing it up with their friends. Try and make your date as comfortable as possible and part of your inner circle. It is pretty much just good etiquette.


You are trying to get to know this person by dating them so please be sensitive to your dates beliefs and how they celebrate during this time. Just because you celebrate differently it does not mean it will ruin your relationship; Just think twice about inviting them to something that may not work for them....unless they are fine with it. Learning about a new culture is always a great idea and so is neutral dating activities that don't include or exclude certain rituals.

Gift Giving

Have a big talk about gift giving. If the two of you have been dating for a short time...maybe you want to hold off on giving gifts or just get small gifts. A big/extravagant/expensive gift may send your date signals that you are interested in taking your relationship to the next level and they may not be ready for it that quickly. Set a gift giving budget!!

The Actual Dates

Why not plan something fun and festive. A good idea is a tree lighting event or looking at neighborhood decorations for the holidays...or cook a dinner together. Just try to come up with something inventive where you can spend quality time with your date.

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