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I was talking to a friend today about his relationship and we were discussing how he cannot let go of previous experiences hes had. He hasn't had any successful relationships prior to the one he is in now.

A few hours later, I was listening to the 8th version of the Bottoms UP Megamix and all the songs are really touchy emotional songs not as upbeat as they normally are. That is because at that time I put that edition together I was going through a life changing moment in my life where I wasn't sure what was next for me. Listening to this edition brought up those past emotions and so I decided to write an article about letting go of things and moving on. Here are some steps to learn how to let go!!!

Step One: Feeling The Emotions

No matter what has happened you will feel some type of human emotion. It is perfectly fine to cry if you need to; to scream if you need to; to be angry if you need to. Do not avoid your feelings! Once you are over your initial reaction talk it out with someone. Vent if need be. Please do not just hold it in because that is just piling one experience on top of another and that is just not good for the body and soul.

Step Two: Forgiveness

Part of letting go of things is being able to forgive people. Being able to forgive someone for the mistakes they may have made....or forgiving yourself for a mistake you've made. If you don't allow yourself to forgive others you won't move on because it is still a burden lurking around in your life. In talking out your situation with someone forgiveness plays a part in that talking with someone as well. It is always ideal to get out all your initial frustrations and then when you are ready to forgive, then go talk to said person.

Step Three: Acceptance

What is done.....is done! Allow yourself to accept it. This situation could have been by fate or by chance either way its OVER! Accept what happened. Accept the pain. Accept a broken heart. Acceptance is the that door that opens the pathway to freedom. This is just another life lesson learned for future experiences. You have a future to live for so get out of the way burdens....you are fabulous!

Step Four: Live

You can now live with no regrets....You can now live with no fear. You can live your life for the hope of something new and exciting; something better. Live your life as an example for people who are currently going through those same experiences you dealt with in the past. This does not mean the past did not happen but it means you are strong enough to get through it. Now.....MOVE ON!

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on December 30, 2009 at 3:36 AM  

thanks man i really needed to read this

on January 5, 2010 at 12:12 PM  

Hey Noble its Tasha! I love your site. Such good advice. Keep up all that positive energy!

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