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Unless you and your man are one in the same you will both have different amounts of energy in your system at the beginning or end of the day. Good sex usually happens when both people in the relationship are feeling it right then and there and want to fuck like turtles! However in the real world that isn't happening all the time; the stress of work, the bullshit we face everyday, that bonus we received, or that hang over we are experience all changes the level of energy we have left in our tanks. Here are some sex positions based on you and your partners amount of energy and the mood each of you are feeling at the time that one of you want to have sex.

"I have the energy to invent sex"

Your best position is The Modified Pile driver! This position is going to call on all of that energy both you and your man have. How this sex position starts is you are standing up straight facing each other and you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck so you are now off the ground.

He is going to break that point of entry into you and you slowly fall backwards so you get into a handstand like position facing away. The position will be complete when the palms of your hand are now on the floor and he is supporting you by holding your waist. If you can get into this position you are going to just drive his ass wild!

With this position your blood is rushing entirely to your head and its building pressure in the veins of your head creating amazing sensations that lead to climax!

"Well I guess we could have sex, I'm not doing anything better"

The amazon position is best for you in this circumstance because you are in charge of the dick. Your man is going to be on his back with his hips and ass in the air and resting his weight on his shoulders.You are going to basically sit down on top of his ass and thighs. He can rest his feet on your back if he is not as flexible and for balance you put your fingers on the back of his thighs.

How does he get inside you though??? Well his dick needs to be bent backwards through his legs so a semi erection would be ideal. He may not love it at first because he will feel a little cramped but it will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

"I had a long day but I am in the mood"

The standard CAT position is great for this. You are on your back and your man is between your legs and you can rest your calves on the back of his thighs so you aren't holding anything up and neither is he. He is resting his body weight on you. This is all about the rocking motion to make this position work. Because you are tired from work you can just lay back and he can do all the work.

"I am so fucking tired and I don't need sex but give me something simple"

You may be tired and don't want to do much but the Bumper Cars position is best for this energy level because you aren't doing much and neither is your man but sensation wise.....you will both be going crazy. You are lying on your stomach and he is on top of you with his feet by your head and vice verse. This position puts his penis at an unusual angle inside your body and he will be hitting a spot he usually doesn't!

How do you get into this position? You can start with the regular doggy style then go down on your stomach and once you are in the groove of things he can slowly turn his body 180 degrees while still inside you and in no time you will be in sexual bliss.

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