Positions Based On Flexibility [1/4]

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"Honey......not tonight." Your partner doesn't want to have sex tonight. Or are you afraid because your man is packing major heat and you are afraid to take all of it!? What if you are extremely flexible and want to impress your partner? Are you on the short side and your partner is taller???? Well there is a sexual position for absolutely everything. It is all a matter of what position works best for you based on your situation. This four part entry breaks down sexual positions based on felxibility.....height.....energy levels.....and penis size.

"I am not flexible what so ever!"

The CAT position is going to work best for you if you aren't flexible at all. You are on your back and your man is between your legs and you can rest your calves on the back of his thighs so you aren't holding anything up and neither is he. He is resting his body weight on you. This is all about the rocking motion to make this position work.

"I am as flexible as the next average person"
The swivel is the one for you! You can start out on top but turn around while he’s inside you so you end up facing the other way. Ride him rodeo-style. Once you get the hang of it lift one leg over your body and begin to turn sideways. Continue rotating, stopping at intervals for a few thrusts, until you’re facing away from him again.

"I can hold a leg up for about 30 seconds that's it!"

The standard Missionary position is the best for you. The basics of basics of sexual positions. It is how we all got our start. Your man is on top of you, inserting himself into you. Total eye contact. While in the act of sex it is best you two are moving in sync.

"Didn't you catch my act in Cirque De Solei?"
You got the skills....now showcase em in the interlock position! You can start the missionary. He will then sit up and bring his legs forward one at a time so bottom of his feet are flat on the bed. His knees should now be bent and he is now facing you. He will now support himself with his hands and you sit up supporting yourself on your hands. Strap those ankles on his shoulders and get to rockin!

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