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If you are like me.....you like tall men!! If you aren't a 6 footer then you aren't doing anything for me!!!! But you run into people who like men who are at the same height or shorter than you are. For every human interaction no matter how awkward it is, there's a sexual position for it. SO today we are going to focus on the perfect positions for you and your partner based on heights.

"My man is a little taller or I am a little taller than he is"

Whenever you are seen in public with your partner you already are towering over him like crazy so when in the throws of passion let him have this one. The best position is to have him [top] lying down on his back legs stretched out. You [bottom] are going to ride him bending your legs at your knees and folding them backwards and supporting yourself with your arms.From this position he can look at all the goods you have to offer. When riding him and you are moving up and down try to rotate your body in a circular

Based on the way his penis is curved and whether or not you are facing him or facing away.....he is really going to hit the spot with this position.

My man and I are the same height.

With you and your partner being the same height, you might as well let him do you dirty.....doggy style!!! When you are both on your knees you don't have to worry about bending down a little more or him trying to extend his legs because that booty is at the same height as his dick.

If you are a little tired of doggy style you can try lying down flat on the bed spread eagle and he is just hitting it from the back! Or even better, standing up! Now that's hot!!!

"I am dating Andre The Giant"

Often times with height comes strength. So he needs to be holding you. How are you going to get into this position? You can start off with your back towards a wall and he can have his legs spread facing you and you would just wrap your pegs around his thighs. Also have your arms around his neck. As he starts to stand up you will notice yourself getting raised in the air. With this position he is going to feel a sense of dominance as well as a sense of power.

A big plus is with standing up he can hold his erection longer because blood is needed in other places in his body so his erection is not as intense and can sustain it longer.

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omg. Noble, u always seem to suprise me with ur blog.

love ya

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