Positions Based On Penis Size [2/4]

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Are you blessed by the gods with a big......dick? Or are you just strolling along with the average at about 5 or 6"? Well guess what no matter what size you are there's a position for it. These positions are meant to make it comfortable for both you and your partner. These positions are meant to use your dick at its full potential.

"I'm Your Average Joe"

With an average dick size lets just take it to the dog pound! Doggy style is the best position for you to top your partner in. Another position where you are in control most of the time. You are holding that waist and just thrusting yourself into your partner. Or if your partner is daring they will be throwing it back at you and you can just put your hands behind your head.

You can also do this position standing up and with the two of you standing up have your bottom begin to touch their toes! While in this position do your partner a favor and do the reach around PLEASE!

"I Have A Tiny Dick"
With a small unit the best position for you would be to have your partner lie on their back with legs propped on your shoulders and you digging deep in it because it allows for deeper penetration and gives you complete control. While in this position make sure your partner crosses their ankles behind your neck because that will tighten the area you're getting into and can give you that full feeling inside.

"I'm Packing"
If you are larger than average, let your partner ride. Because you have a larger penis there may be a little difficult for your partner to get all of you inside them so let them have some control by being on top of you and allowing their penis inside you at a pace they are comfortable with.

I know how you like to watch the action and this is the best way to watch it! You can sit up or lie down which ever feels comfortable for you. If your partner isn't that attractive have them face away from you so you can have whatever fantasy you want.

"Dude, I Gotta Big Dick"
So you have the biggest dick in the world. Because you do you need to keep your partner in mind and make sure you aren't hurting them. The best position for you to kneel in a type of praying position keeping your back straight. You have your partners legs on your shoulders and they are supported by their shoulders. To lock your partner into this position, wrap your arms around their upper thighs. With this position you will slip right in for complete pleasure for you and your partner

Garçon Stupide
on December 16, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

LOL... Good, practical advice, Mr. P - you're fulfilling a valuable community service. ;)

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