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Round objects aren't just play things for children. Sure they're fun to play with on the playground in a rousing round of four square or hand ball or tether ball. Adults have balls and beads that they can implement and enjoy with their partner in the bedroom.

Smart Balls [Women]

Smart balls are primarily designed for women but can be utilized by
men as well so no one is left out.These small metal goodies are inserted into the vagina and can be worn for a short amount of time or for hours at a time.

The interesting thing about Smart Balls is every move you make it causes the
smart balls to vibrate giving you a little sensation. These balls are tied to a rope so you do not have to worry about getting them stuck or lost inside. Smart balls are generally made of safe non hazardous materials used in the manufacturing of medical products. On top of that they are extremely easy to clean.

You can purchase a pair of Smart Beads here

Ben Wa Balls [Women]

The balls we have all come to know and love. The big difference
between Ben Wa balls and smart balls is the Ben Wa balls are exposed metal [generally stainless steel which makes them non porus and easy to clean] while Smart Balls are covered. Ben Wa balls are also a little on the heavier side and not attached by a string.

They are meant to be inserted into the vagina working out the pelvic muscles as well as kegel strengthening. A big plus is every time they touch each other while inserted they create a vibration [which can also aid orgasms YEEEEEES!]. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will be great for sex so you are able to squeeze around your partner to give him that "tight" feeling as well for women who have given birth to regain that elasticity your lady parts are known for.

You can purchase a pair of Ben Wa Balls here

Anal Beads [Men and Women]

Anal beads are a group of balls spaced evenly that are attached and in a series that grow larger in size from tip to handle. These beads can be made from a variety of materials like silicone, thermo rubber, plastic, and even stainless steel.

The anus is a pretty taboo area when it comes to sex with some people but ruling it out may actually be a bad idea. If you have not noticed, during your point of orgasm your muscles get tense and guess what!? Your anus is a muscle so if you can have something stimulating that muscle at the point of climax wouldn't that just intensify the experience? HELL YES!!!

So how does it work? The beads are placed inside the anus one by one and right before and at the point of orgasm they are pulled out either quickly or slowly based on how you like it. In men the prostate is an extremely sensitive area during and these beads will definitely test that sensitivity. Of course you can't leave out the women; even though things are positioned a little differently in our bodies you are still going to have an excellent sensation.

You can purchase anal beads here

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