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eHarmony Now For The Gays

Guess whose gAaAaAaAAaAay? That's right eHarmony is now starting their own gay dating website. In the past EHarmony has only been for male-female couples since it started back in 2001 but not anymore! They have now started a website called Compatible Partners.

EHarmony decided to do this because of a settlement back in November in New Jersey. According to the dating site consultant Mark Brooks...

"This is one of the most scrutinized products in Internet dating. They will have to introduce an A1 product"

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Warm & Tasty Show Ranked #13

We are just doing better and better! We are ranked number 13 on the Podomatic website under comedy podcats look!!! That is so exciting......We are moving up fast! I need to record a new show ASAP for all of you to listen to! The image is kind of small but you can clearly see we are featured in the front page of the Podomatic comedy website. You see The Lesbian Mafia up there as number one!? We need to take them down! So, continue to listen!!!

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How Can I Be A Better Top Part I

About half of the gay community is either a top or versatile. What that means is you are the giver when it comes to sex. This also works for heterosexual sex [i.e. the mans role]. I was talking to a few people earlier as to why I wasnt much of a top and I decided to write an article about being a better top. I am going to give 10 tips to being a better top but also give some deep insight as well when it comes to being a better giver when it comes to sex.

The most important and quick/easy way to being a better top is enhance your partners pleasure. The ultimate way to do that is to use longer strokes, don't be going in and out like a jack rabbit, take your time! Of course another great technique is to loosen up your partner. Eating them out or fingering them is very important. Start off with one finger and then work your way up from there. Let your partner get used to the idea of having something inside him.

When he is finally comfortable then you should just put the head of your penis in, see how he/she feels about that. Then progress to long strokes by putting your penis in completely for maximum pleasure. Try not to pull out completely when you are having sex...that could cause air to get packed inside your partners hole and lead to something funny lolz.

If your partners genitals are accessable, then do not leave them hanging, PLAY WITH THEM! You must also try as many positions as possible that your partner is comfortable with! Varying positions isnt the only thing, also try different locations, the bathroom, the shower, the couch what have you.

Lubricant is also very important for you and your partner. Use the best lube that makes your partner very comfortable a lube that makes your partner feel good. Try to find a lube that isnt goin to dry up and get sticky. I personally love Gun Oil Lube because it doesnt dry, it doesnt get sticky at all either!

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How Can I Be A Better Top Part II

This is the second part of my article on being a better top!

Tip #1 Relax Your Partner
Foreplay is a great way to get your partner relaxed right before getting pounded. Why not try giving them a massage, relieving that stress will also relax them as well!!!

Tip #2 Give Your Partner Instructions
The best way to please your partner is to tell them what you like but also listen to what they like! It is always good to learn something new and if you are just doing what you want, you could be missing out on something good!!

Tip #3 Blindfold Your Partner
Sex can be an amazing when you know whats cumming at you lolz. But when you cannot see it is just that more exciting. You don't know where the penis is coming from, where the penis is going so give it a try. You have heard many times that when you lose one of your senses, your other senses are heightened! Hopefully its the sense of feeling!!!!

Tip #4 What Are Your Fantasies!?
What better way to have a good time during sex than to live out your fantasies!? Communication is the key and who knows maybe they can fulfill your fantasies or vise verse!

Tip #5 Play Strip Games
Well it isn't directly related to intercourse but you two can play up the dominant giver/recessive receiver by playing strip poker. It is a good way to get naked and to get your bottom wanting your dick like crazy!

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Are you Cumming and Going Too Fast!?

For you men out there, do you skeet too fast!? Thank goodness the doctor is here to help you out with some tips on lasting longer in the bedroom when you are having sex with a man or a woman. This situation affects not only heterosexual men, but homosexual men as well. Just so you know how much a man ejaculates determines how much he is attracted to the person he is having sex with. So if you want him to cum in buckets you better put on those cute underwear and be as sexy as you possibly can be!

The obvious answer to last longer while having sex with your partner is to practice with yourself so that means MASTURBATE!!! While masturbating try to recognize right before you reach that orgasm and quickly stop! Do whatever you have to do to stop it, think about dead turtles, jump up and move around somewhere, think about anything that turns you off to stop yourself from cumming. Once you have finally calmed down, repeat the process again. Overtime you will be better at knowing when you are about to ejaculate and then slow down. When the big time comes to milk the cow you will have a stronger, more powerful the curtains!!!!!

When having sex try not to pump and speed yourself to the point of no return. Sex isn't a race you can take your time, enjoy it....the woman or gay bottom will appreciate it because dick hurts! Spread your session out by extending foreplay, slow down on your partner for quite a while. Try and get your partner close to the point of orgasm before you penetrate them. Vary your speeds! Beat it up, but take your time as well.

When having sex with your partner and you get close, recognize it and stop yourself from ejaculating by slowing things down until you are ready to cum. By you slowing down, your partner gets a chance to catch their breathe as well. That is also the opportunity to change positions.

If it is an extreme method you are looking for, try a desensitising cream. Or even a cock ring

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Quick Note About Podcast

Within just one day of actual production The Warm and Tasty Show started at like spot 3,000 on the podOmatic website [the site that hosts the podcast] and of course the goal is to be number one!!!! But we have moved up over 2,000 positions and we are now at spot 15789! Soon enough we will be number one. But we cannot do it without you listening and liking the show, so any feedback will be appreciated!!!

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Sex Causing Insomnia

For the last couple of weeks I have been suffering from insomia. I decided to do some research on it and it is true......recent tramatic events can cause it. The only big big event that has happened to me recently is I have had the best sex ive had in a couple years and because it was so good and around 6am.....I have never been able to sleep before 7:00am.

I was leaving his house at like 6am and when i got home it was nearly 7am and i was just like "hell im hungry let me go to walmart" so i pick up a box of Cheez Its and my Aunt Jamima Breakfast and a box of cheez its and i went to bed at around 8am.

Right now its 10:30am and i havent slept. Heres some info on insomnia from an official source....

Many of the causes of transient and short-term insomnia are similar and they include:

  • Jet lag

  • Changes in shift work

  • Excessive or unpleasant noise

  • Uncomfortable room temperature (too hot or too cold)

  • Stressful situations in life (exam preparation, loss of a loved one, unemployment, divorce, or separation)

  • Presence of an acute medical or surgical illness or hospitalization

  • Withdrawal from drug, alcohol, sedative, or stimulant medications

  • Insomnia related to high altitude (mountains)

  • Chronic pain syndromes

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Congestive heart failure

  • Night time angina (chest pain) from heart disease [thats what i have my angina was beat the hell up!]

  • Acid reflux disease (GERD)

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • Nocturnal asthma (asthma with night time breathing symptoms)

  • Obstructive sleep apnea

  • Degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease (Often insomnia is the deciding factor for nursing home placement.)

  • Brain tumors, strokes, or trauma to the brain

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Spice Up Your Sex Repertoire

Its always good to have a bag of new tricks so I thought I would help you out with some interesting positons that could help you make you and your man go crazy. But remember if it don't hurt it aint worth it!!! These positions can apply to heterosexual and homosexual sex so make it work!

#1 Rock A Thigh Baby
This position puts the bottom/woman in charge of the act because they are pretty much the ones on top controlling the sitation

#2 The 3 O'Clock Appointment
You have to be strong as hell to do this. But you can also do this on top of say a table or something that is waist high to help the both of you out.

#3 The Slinky
This is back door entry with a twist! you have the char to give you extra leverage and sometimes just laying on your stomach can be boring so spice it up with this technique.
#4 The Stick Shift [my favorite]
I think its my favorite because its funny yet hot at the same time. This is another position where the bottom/woman is in control they have their mans leg up in the air [a change for once lol]

#5 The Rickshaw
This is definitely a back door/anal technique. This one also requires leg strength from the top but the bottom/woman is in charge here!

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Re-Vamp Once Again

So I changed the look of the Warm and Tasty Blog because i felt that I needed to go back to a black layout because its easier on the eyes. The sidebar has changed completely once again. This time its plain and simple [contacts, subscribe and tag cloud]. But I changed it for a reason.

That reason being I am going to start doing Cocktail Video Podasts. Each week I will be making a martini and you can see how its made and hell even enjoy it with us. These cock-casts as I call them will be accompanied by a new episode of the Warm and Tasty Show as well. I will have links on this website so it is easier for you to just listen to it here rather than going through all those other crazy websites. Come back and check us out when we have podcasts and cock-casts up!!

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