Sex Toys and You!

Is your sex life a little on the dull side? Have you considered bringing sex toys into the picture? That is one way to bring some excitement into the game. Thank goodness I am here to help save your sex life and to make it exciting for you and your partner with some new things!

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When it comes to solo work...the best sex toy you can have is none other than a pack of batteries. They can bring you hours and hours of pleasure! Whether its a magic wand to a vibrator you can't get your groove on if you do not have the proper batteries!

What about those times when your man isnt there? Welly why not clone his dick so you can put it on the night stand lol. The beauty of this Clone-A -Willy kit is that it is a soap on a roap kit. So with this every time youre washin your body wash it with soap shaped like his dong!

Continuing the issue of being in the shower, these Perfect Position handles stick to your walls easily! These can help you keep your balance or even maintain leverage and at the same time enjoy the hot ass water running on you and your partner.

Do you want to give your man oral pleasure but you have a super gag reflex?? Thank god for Deep Throat Gel. THe way it works is the gel mildly numbs the throat to help add inches and excitement during oral sex. This has a fresh menthol flavor and gently relaxes throat muscles to enhance the entire experience for you, your partner, and his tally wacker.

Want to have your posture and position near perfect for your partner to insert? Well there is the Liberator wedge that also comes with wrist restraints and a blindfold for added excitement.

We have all seen those videos where ppl are all strapped up in a sling but hey that can really turn your man on. The sling is going to help you try out a vast variety of positions. The harness is fuly adjustable and very comfortable [not that i would know lolz].

Are handcuffs too typical for you? Then what about thigh and wrists cuffs! For those times you're on your back those cuffs will defintely help keep your legs high in the air.

For those of you who are into a little of the S&M thing why not find a little fun doggy style than with a really cute leash? The way I can see it being hot is lets say you're being ridden and then your man is pulling on it to bring you up to kiss on your neck....mMm thats hot. Along the lines of keeping it light with a cute little blindfold. That way you do not know whats cuming up behind you lolz.

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Power Bottom...From Top To Bottom

As you venture into homosexual sex you learn that there are particular roles in sex gay sex; you have your tops and you have your bottoms. Tops play the more dominant/insertive role and bottoms play the more recessive/being inserted role.

Of course bottoms are the ones who make the gay world go round. You cannot have a world of tops because you would constantly have people trying to put their dongs into in other peoples booty holes and they wouldn't let them. So you have to have those ones around that let people "lift up skirt and insert" per say.

When you decide you are going to be a bottom there are quite a few things that you have to keep in mind in order to perform the art efficiently.

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1.Clean, Prim and Proper
Cleanliness is the most important part of being a bottom. Because anal sex of course happens in a very bacteria filled area of the body....the rectum. So before you try to take someones dick up your ass then you should try your hardest to be clean. There are numerous ways you can do it but the primary way is to douche or use an enema so you can clean out your bowels.

How does it work you ask? Well you have a bulb or bottle filled with water [because the liquid to douche a vagina isnt so safe for the anus] and the the top to the bottle has a nozzle that is easily inserted into the anus. You squeeze the liquid into your anus and as you fill up you will be wanting to release it. Rinse and repeat until totally clean.

2. Know Your Limit
Inserting anything into the anus at first is going to be painful but once you work have quite a few more experiences then you will get comfortable. But you have to be as comfortable as possible and not try to take penis' that are going to be too big. The size of a penis does vary by length and thickness so you should only take ones that you can handle.

3. Be Ok With Saying "NO"
If it were up to your top, he would want to have sex all the time and as a bottom you may have to say "no" to sex from time to time. Especially if sex is a little painful for you. If you are having sex everyday and being in pain everyday because of it, when it comes to pooping it is going to end up being painful for you on a regular basis. Not to mention you will be walking like a baboon everyday as well.

4. Don't Forget The Foreplay
Being a bottom isn't all about taking it up the butt. You definitely have to build up and be built up to having anal intercourse. The typical role for a bottom is for him to suck his tops penis. Of course you have to lead up to it so kiss him all over....especially if hes muscular mMm!

When it comes to the top he needs to make you as relaxed as possible. Whether its kissing you all over, sucking your penis, or even eating you out you need to have him relax you!

5.Change It Up
Sure the ultimate goal is getting his penis in you but there are so many ways and positions you and your top should perform to get there. About 60% of the time it is all pain then pleasure for the bottom and for the top its 100% pleasure no pain what so ever.

So you should do whatever you can to make it as pleasurable as possible. Certain positions hurt more than others so you have to try different ones to find out which one works for you the best. Do not be afraid to tell him that "I want to try a different position." If your top gets upset about it...remember you have the power to stop anal sex.

6. The Presentation
Presentation is important! You have to look good for your top. No one wants to look at a hairy ass. Well there are some that actually do. But generally people like to see what they are partaking in so why not give that hair a little trim or even shave? Also underwear is super important. Tops like to see their bottom in cute underwear whether it be boxers, briefs, trunks, thongs, boxer briefs what have you. Make sure your underwear doesn't have holes in it!

Overall you should remember that he can simply jack off. He should be happy he is gettin some booty. Don't let him take advantage of it!

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Protect That Snatch!

Ladies, how many times have you been hit in the beaver and it hurt!? Well looks like someone has come to your rescue. I know you lesbians out there fight like crazy so you need protection down there to protect those ovaries. It is called the Va J-J Visor.
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"We decided that there must be a product in the marketplace to address this sensitive issue and when we couldn't find one, we realized we had no choice but to create it ourselves! Hey, what can we say? We take our grooming ~ and the protection of our va j-j ~ seriously!"

The prospective names were

The Clam Shell
The Beaver Dam
The Bonnie Bonnet
The Hoo Ha Hoodie
Sister Hood

I really like that women are out their to protect their muffins. I am just prolonging this so I can put in so many slang terms for vagina as possible such as "meat napkin" or the "wizards sleeve."

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IF You Were A Woman...

Or if you are a woman what kind of boobies would you/do you have!? I would like the "pointers" or "sweet potatoes"

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005: Sexlicious Part 2


Dee and shawn are back for part 2 of our drunkfest we had over the weekend. Of course expect nothing less as the the sexcapades continue. The truth definitely comes out when you have had a couple to drink. But it is so odd how we are all a part of that gay circle where everyone is tied to everyone else because you have a friend who slept with you or you either had sex with each other. But we are all tied together by one man....who shall go nameless. Dee's roommate joins us as well and he is the just fabulous calling everyone out on their bullshit lolz and let's be honest sometimes you need that.

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004: Sexlicious Pt. 1

Everybody drink now!!!! On today's show I am joined yet again by my good friend Shawn and another great friend of mine named Darryl. This episode is 98% about sex....primarily because we have all had a little something to drink. Darryl makes good cocktails!

Listen today as we talk about 10" of pleasure, being bisexual, .GIF images, sex positions and past experiences. This is only part 1 of 2 so part 2 is going to be coming very soon!!!

I break the shows into about 20 minute shows so you can just listen rather quickly to them.

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003: Get Off The Phone

003: Get Off The Phone!!!!

This is the second part of my fantastic show conversation with my old friends Luis R and Ann-Sheree who did the podcast with me back in 2006.

In the last episode we talked about sex of course, sugar daddies and other nonsense but this time around we get down to business.....well not really!

Listen today as we talk about the President Barack Obama or "The Bama" as I call him. We hint on the raise in tax on tobacco products. Should we tax alcohol as well? It can be just as dangerous! Luis talks about gays being effected by the economic crisis and the role imigrants have in America. Of course we end the show talking about how much Ann truly loves Noble

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Dating Your Ex.....Again

As of late I have been blogging a lot about what I have been going through which I suppose that's what blogs can be about lolz. But there has been a lot of speculation about ex boyfriends and I recently went straight to the source and got all the info. Because of rumors of cheating while dating.

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As the guy I was dating and I broke up I tried to keep a strong exterior to show I was not hurting inside which I truly was. But because the truth always comes out I had found out some things about our relationship that really broke me apart and I virtually shut down and was ready to enter a violent rage.

He and I are now able to talk again and he has mentioned he wants to start dating again and taking it slow this time "The right way."

Of course like the saying goes "They're EXes for a reason" but at the same time your emotions are telling you something else. Your heart tell you to do something totally different. It is the heart that can definitely get you into trouble but you sometimes have no choice but to follow it. Usually the popular opinion is to not take back an ex lover. I was seeking out advice and I came across this.....

"I am a believer in letting what happened in the past go. When you love someone that can complicate that belief in ways that you would never imagine. To futher complicate things lets say it is your first true love ever in your life. Let's say your Ex messed over you, and they know they did. You pretty much did everything you could to try and make that person happy no matter what. Only for them to come out and tell you that they had a bf/gf the entire time that you were with them. So you try to work things out hoping they would learn from their mistakes of being a liar, but they lie to you again. So you back off, and let it go with that person only for them to call you and say they want to be with you and that they have learned from their mistakes. If you love this person, you begin to consider the good and the bad outcomes if you were to take them back. No matter what they do, you will always love that person, but you don't want to be a fool again. You have this gut feeling they haven't changed and that they will eventually do what they did to you before. Do you take this person back? Do you take them back, but take things real slow? or Do you just let that shit go? Some people will never change no matter what they say, but you try to give them the benefit of the doubt because you love them."

-Barber Chris

I can definitely agree with what he is saying, I will be perfectly honest. Even with my situation and my so called "friend" even though he may have done something wrong and spiteful, I will happily continue being his friend......after he gets chopped!

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5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating!

I have been recently been exposed to dealing with a cheating boyfriend. I didn't know at the time we were together but honey the truth always comes out with me because I have sources! So while you are still in your happy relationship I am going to give you 5 tips to tip you off your cheating ass boyfriend.

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1. Instinct
You always hear follow your initial instincts. If your gut is telling you something is wrong or someone else has captured your mans attention then you need to act on that shit! Do what it takes to get your man back! He is your man, no one else, and fools will try to get your man away from you because they are jealous. Make sure that they are legitimate concerns though of if you are just lacking trust. TRUST IS IMPORTANT

2. Less Time Together
As you guys develop your relationship over time you are going to spend less time together. But spending less time with each other shouldn't result to spending no time at all with your boyfriend. But you have to be cautious because you cannot be so jumping to conclusions, he may be taken by something like his job or family issues. You should however look for unexplainable time commitments that are far from the norm.

3. Emotional Distance
There sure was a time where you couldn't stand to be apart but now you both enjoy your alone time. This isn't necessarily a sign that he is cheating on you only that the relationship and starting to settle into a loving comfy phase. But at the same time take note! Has he stopped laughing at the things you say or stopped listening to you? Does he seem distant like he is preoccupied with something else? Then if so gurl.....get yo man!

4. Suspicious Computer Activity
oOo the Internet can be a tool of destruction. The gay age of BGC and black gay men it makes it easy to meet other men. A little digging can go a long way. If he still wants to be on a site like that, then create a couples account so you can see everything he is doing and vice verse! But at the same time give your man some space don't be trying to catch a predator! It is just as easy to meet new friends as well as love interests.

5. Sudden Changes In Schedule
Some men are spontaneous but most of them keep a type of set schedule or routine they follow rather frequently. Has your man's routines suddenly changed without you knowing why? But whats suspicious is how these changes affect you. Did he just make those changes without getting your input at all!? Then girl somethings up!!!

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Hot Ass Black Men 15

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Whats It Like To Sleep With ______

I was reading this blog on celebrity groupies and there was some interesting info about the hoe's that sleep with celebrities.......Here is some hot things you may want to know about some of your favorite celebrities....

Busta Rhymes

his tongue is so soft I almost passed out! He was eating me like it was a buffet. Once he finished eating me out for what seemed like a century, he grabbed his dick and asked me "You want this?" and I said "Hell yeah." His dick is a nice size, not extra huge nor small, just right. I gave him a lil head and he went to fucking the hell out of me for like two hours, it was crazy! I left the next morning, while he slept.

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He's a minuteman, for sure.

Rick Ross

This man rubbed and played with my clit until I came. Before I went for the boxers I said a little prayer, please let him be a decent size, but before I could touch it, he turned me over and slipped on a condom and entered me from the back. I was like ok this bitch gotta have a big ass dick cause he was beating my fucking back out. His stamina was superb and when fucks, he talks dirty. he was very confident with his fuck game all the while saying "you like this dick" and the way he stroked this kitty, oh boy.

Bobby Valentino

He is really into asses, says he like like the way I wear my panties. Then he takes of my bra and he was like baby and I quote "You hot pretty titties" and he must like sucking titties cause he was really good at it. His dick wasn't really big, but he knew what to do with it, so it was cool. If I had to rate him, I'd give him a 4/5 stars. He was good, but not all like that.

Method Mann

He talks a lot. Method Man is a very interesting character. He's a beast in bed, he likes to spank and tell you to lay down, do this, do that. He's got a nice size. He's the real one. Very controlling. He likes to hit it from the back while he pulls your hair


His mouth should be for rent. His mouth is excellent. He started off with the mouth action. His mouth and dick are both good. He's working with something major. It was, like R&B sex. More sensual. He likes it from the back, too.


He screams like a bitch when he busts. It's horrible. He has a big, humungous dick and has no idea what to do with it.

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Warm and Tasty Podcast Episode #2

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002: Pimp Smackin' Them Cali Style

It is the long awaited return of the one.....the only Luis! Luis started on the show back in 2006 when we were the Noise 4 Yo Mama Podcast. He returns and he returns with a vengance lol. Not only has Luis returned for this 2 part episode we also see the return of Ann-Sheree.

Ann-Sheree is a senior at California State University Chico and hails from Gardena, California. She is originally a southern girl but theres no trace of that on her. She is always surrounded by homosexuals in some form or fashion but she loves it.

Luis R. is from Northern California [the Buttes] He is a country boy at heart but the gay side took over. He was an interior designer and now works for a Petrolium company. He is now in a relationship with a black guy from texas. Lets be honest we know he was into black guys all along....because they know how to lay down the pipe!

Listen as we catch up on what all of us have been up to, the past experiences we have had with tingling lubricant, the ban on gay marriage, and other things. This is a 2 part episode and this is just part 1 so Luis and Ann will definitely be back for part 2. Enjoy....

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How To Have A Good 3-Some

Rapper/R&B Singer Bobby Valentino is offering his advice on how to have a successful threesome. According to him, these are his basic rules!!!

Here are his basic rules you have to follow.

* Bring a lot of liquor (Goose, Nuvo, Henny) and something to chase it

* Bring a lot of condoms: Magnums “the gold standard”

* Pick who you are going to give it to first: If you can’t decide who will get it first, choose the one with the butterfly tattoo

* Give both ladies equal attention: You don’t want one shorty getting mad because you are not giving her enough of the big Valentino.

* It’s not about you: One thing you must remember is that the threesome is not about you. You have to do your best to turn both women on like Keri Hilson. If you are laying the pipe the right way, they’ll do you right. Soon they will both be fighting to top each other sexually when it comes to pleasing you, but if you are wack, you will be on the sideline looking at all the action.

* Do something: There will be a time during the threesome when both women will be focused on each other, so use this time to get your stamina up, rub, grab squeeze and lick. You want to remain the star of the show, but you have to let them get a little camera time.

It’s pretty easy to catch feelings for the other chick, but you cannot do that if one of the women in your threesome is your lady. You don’t want wifey to go Jazmine Sullivan on you because you got it on with the other woman without her.

You should also be respectful when you bump into either of the women in the streets. You don’t want to make her feel bad because she was licking lady parts, after a Bobby V show. In all just use common knowledge and do your best to be the best you can.

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