Bottoms UP Megamix Vol 11

This edition of Bottoms UP is all about the female vocals. What is a gay dance party without hot tracks by female singers!? I tried to add songs by women that were in your face yet freak nasty worthy at the same time. Enjoy


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Like This-Kelly Rowland
Womanizer-Britney Spears
He Ain't Wit Me Now Tho-RichGirl
Go Girl-Ciara
All Night [Don't Stop]-Janet Jackson
Wind It Up-Gwen Stefani
Bootylicious-Destiny's Child
Get Your Money Up-Keri Hilson
Grown Woman-Mary J Blige
Magic-PussyCat Dolls
Need A Boss-Shareefa
Touch It-Monifa

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Bottoms UP Megamix Vol 10

This features music from the past, present and unreleased tracks. Hope you like it, but you can still shake your ass to all these songs so enjoy!!


Back To The Future-Pitbull
Tipsy-Pretty Ricky
Tell Me-Diddy feat. X-Tina Aguilera
Hands/Feet-Keri Hilson
Freestyle feat Gudda-Lil Wayne
Rumors-Lindsay Lohan
Jungle-Pussycat Dolls
Call Me-Tweet
Jumper-Dawn Richards
Replay-Sean Kingston
Talk About Our Love-Brandy

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Bottom's UP Megamix Volume 9 [Back 2 The Club]

After the last Bottom's UP Megamix I decided to take it back one step and return to where Bottom's UP comes comes from the clubs in Los Angeles. It is essentially a megamix of songs that one would hear if they went to a gay club there. Of course you hear new things but of course you cannot forget about the classic club bangers. In this edition I certainly have not forgotten about it.

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Available-Flo Rida
My Humps-Black Eyed Peas
Brooklyn We Go Hard-Jay Z
Custom Made-Lil' Kim
Migrate-Mariah Carey
Now You See It
Up Thruu Dur-Shop Boyz
Secret-Juelz Santana
Sweet Dreams-Beyonce
I Got A Bottle-Trina

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Domestic Violence

My friend is sitting in the hospital bruised and beaten at this very moment because of his crazy psycho ass ex boyfriend. What this ex did is something that is just inexcusable. No one deserves to be beaten with brass knuckles and a gun when you are the one who fucked up...on more than one occasion at that.

Not everything works out the way we want it to sometimes. Yes things happen when our feelings are hurt and we want to react and sometimes you feel like you have to, but it is all about rationality. Not to the point where we need to bring someone else physical harm. Relationships come and go sometimes and even when we are hurt, but you have to be the bigger person and just move the fuck on.

If your spouse is abusing have every right to leave. Do not put yourself in that type of situation. They are only attacking you because they see a weakness that they can exploit......BE STRONG. We are all human and equal and no one deserves to be abused. Yes we all fight with people and have disagreements on things but not to the point to where you need to hit others. Come on now!

If your relationship comes to an end, accept it, move forward, learn from your mistakes. So please I urge everyone to be careful with whom you involve yourselves with.


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Bottom's UP Megamix Volume 8 [Slow It Down]

This edition of Bottoms Up is totally different than all the rest. The songs here are songs about are all about life and the situations that you face that range from feeling alone, to love, to the bond that people can have forever. Usually its all upbeat hip hop and whatnot but this one is a little different. The songs are still great great great! Listen to it below

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Blaze-Kelly Rowland
Bag Lady-Erykah Badu
Like A Stone-Audioslave
Fade Away-Mary J Blige
Say It Right-Nelly Furtado
Under The Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Good Girl Gone Bad-Rihanna
Tell Him The Truth-Keri Hilson
Girl-Destiny's Child
Maps-Yeah Yeah Yeah's

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Bottom's UP Megamix Volume 7

This one is the shortest one to date but it is still just as good as all the other ones
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Lil Mama Groovy- GS Boys
Lace And Leather-Britney Spears
Imma Put It On Her [Remix]-Day 26
Throw It In The Bag-Fabolous
Imma Be-Black Eyed Peas
She On It-Yung Ram
Can't U Tell-Pitbull
Walking On The Moon-The Dream
Revolver-Lil Wayne

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Bottom's UP Megamix Volume 6

I am still going strong with this and still keeping at it. I just have so much music that I want to put together lol and so I post it so I you can enjoy it as well. Here is the track listing for the 6th installment.

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  1. What Is Love-Jennifer Lopez
  2. Give Em What They Askin For-Busta Rhymes
  3. Your A Jerk-New Boyz
  4. Kiss My Swag-Ciara
  5. Im The Ish-DJ Class/Kanye West
  6. Gucci Bandana-Gucci Mane/Soulja Boy
  7. Turn Me On-Keri Hilson
  8. Turn It Up-Paris Hilton
  9. Pay To Play-Pussycat Dolls
  10. Handful-Kelis
  11. Touch It-Busta Rhymes
  12. Slave 4 U-Britney Spears

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Breaking The News To Others

You cannot be single and gay forever. Or at least none of us plan to be. I am going through that phase in my new relationship where we are just getting started and making it official and a part of doing that is letting people like friends and family know that you have found someone.

But in the gay community it is always different. When you tell people that you are now taken it is rarely a "Oh I am so happy for you" or "Congrats and good luck." It is often more of "what about me" "why didn't you give me a chance!?" At least that is what I have come across since I have lived here in Atlanta. Today I told a guy whom I thought was a friend or at least I saw him as one that I am dating someone and he immediately goes on the defensive.

I like the guy as a friend but it makes me wonder maybe for the sake of our friendship maybe I should not have told him I was dating someone now but on the other hand that wouldn't have been fair to him or the man I am dating. Of course whenever we start a relationship we can hope for the best but not everyone is going to see it that way and what matters is our own true happiness.

But if i were being honest I have moved too much to really gather true gay friends and so like with many gays that sexual tension is there, but you know something....I am fine with that. Like the old saying "friends come and go." There are certainly some that I wish would stay in my life and others that I could certainly live without.

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Bottom's UP Megamix Volume 5 [Weho Edition]

This edition of my Bottom's Up Megamix series is pulled straight out of the streets of West Hollywood, CA. I compiled these songs together because these songs get pretty decent play in clubs like RAGE, TIGERHEAT, FACTORY and Ultra Suede. Here is the tracklist...

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1 LL Cool J-Control Myself
2 Madonna-4 Minutes
3 Missy Elliott-Pass That Dutch
4 Ultra Nate-Automatic
5 Spice Girls-Say You'll Be There
6 Rihanna-Please Don't Stop The Music [Remix]
7 Raven-Symoné -Girl Get It
8 Pussycat Dolls-I Don't Need A Man
9 Nelly Furtado-Maneater
10 Lindsay Lohan-Rumors
11 Lil Wayne-A Milli
12 Lil Kim-How Many Licks
13 Beyoncé-Ring The Alarm
14 Salt N Pepa-Push It

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Favorite Blogs From Myspace

These are my favorite blogs from when I was writing all my nonsense on myspace....

Saturday, August 30, 2008 3:34 AM
Well, i am finally here. it is so awkward because to be quite honest i didnt think i would make it but i have. I cant go back to Bloomingdales even though its in a different city.....everyone knows how much i hated it because of drama and nonsense. But oh well. As you can see my hair is gone. I cut it off and took a picture to celebrate.

Who knew the Waffle House has taken the south by storm! its a silly little place i guess to compare it to something in California its like In N Out....We can never get enough of it. The weather is crazy here, humid, lightning, raining, tornados the workds but i like it. I have yet to really venture out and see everything atlanta has to offer just yet but i will soon enough. Of course we are on the hunt for a man preferably 6ft tall [oh yes!] and goatee [double yes!]. I have met a few people very nice people. I am culturally banned from the walgreens by my house. but thats okay i can go to Dollar General [BALLIN!]

Of course i miss everyone back in L.A. i wont be back soon but ill think about you and if you get call at bloomingdales from a creepy voice saying "i haaaate jamieeee" or "i haaaate craaaaaig and or valerie" know its me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008 3:58 AM
Alrighty childrens it is the final week or so before I am out of here.....LOOOOOONG GONE! The mover came today and picked up my motorized automobile and the rest of my belongings. If my aunt can get it for me, shes having my flight moved up to Saturday and my last day at Bloomingdales is going to be on Friday, Thank GOD! Because lets be honest......I really dont like Jamie, Craig or anyone whose been a straight up bitch to me at that place including that stank hoe in cosmetics!

So I'd like to take the time to do some bloomies shoutouts!!!
Chris Hansey- Get it gurl!

Hannah H- I loved how your big ass booty got us into VIP and didnt have eto stand in line

Rose Michelle-You bring life to the 3rd floor like nobody else can with those giant melons and attitude lol

Richard-come on you know you want it lol

Kevin-we still havent gone to taco bell!

Gae T-god we hate jamie!

Milli M-Gospel Brunch was fabulous

Leslie-The lez with pez!!!! [not really]

Erin-Gurl u craaaaaaaaazy!

Craig-I should slap yo short ass! [I'm just saying]

Jamie-UGH! You are so lucky im a nice person bcuz i should have kicked those kankles months ago

Anywho......It is sad I am leaving but it must be done CHILLLRENS! Just in case you forget about me here are some important reminders for 2008!

1. New Britney album end of 2008
2. New Whitney album too
3. You must always end your scene
4. You can choose whether or not to "Go ahead and allow it"
5. Kylie is always better than Beyonce
6. New Missy Elliott in September
7. Try and go to AIDS Walk please
8. Top Design season 2 starts Sept 3rd
9. X-Rated is the best alcoholic drink out there
10. I am always Warm and Tasty

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Finally A Post About Me

I recently have come across the situation where I am at the beginning stages of a relationship and we are about to take the next step. The next big step!!!

I personally am at that point where I have to define who I am, I have to determine what it is about me that sets me apart from all the rest and figure out what these past people have done wrong and not make that mistake to ensure longevity in this relationship. Blaze my own trail!!!! Leave a lasting mark so if in the unfortunate event that a breakup is eminent I have to personify that motto of "better than your ex....better than your next." Read the rest after the jump...

On one hand I feel really bad about what I am going through now because it seems like I was coming off as this Messiah when I am far from it. Somewhat bashing and I know I have this not so fantastic track record of when it comes to gay dating.

So I definitely have to say in the gay world we cannot hold people and judge people based on their past relationships/track record. Yes, there could be a possibility that whatever happened between them could happen between the two of you but you have to realize that a breakup is rarely a 90/10 kind of thing, it is more of a 50/50 thing where one persons wrong doing affects the other spouse.

I love the concept of starting over in the summer of 2009 and doing it with a fantastic person and it leading to a great long lasting relationship because I never and I mean never do anything short term. I am always in for the long run.

The concept of being with just one person for the rest of your life is kind of an awkward thing when you think about it but it is what we all long for and when faced with it we kind of don't know how to really react to it.

This blog post isn't really about giving advice or anything like that it is more so about me.....something I rarely do and I felt like it was time for me to. I have been blogging since 2004 on various websites and they were rarely about me and what is going on in my personal life so it is definitely time!

I definitely have to apologize to my babe for coming off as a little bitch, I am just scared. It is definitely hard when you are just out in the world by yourself. So now, I am definitely keeping a smile on my face....a positive outlook....a boyfriend fueled by passion...and bringing the best that I possibly can to the relationship which is 100% pure Warm and Tastiness!

I felt this song "Loves The Only Drug" by Ultra Nate is all about how im feeling right now about us and what is yet to come

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Bottom's UP Megamix Volume 4

This is the fourth edition of the Bottom's Up Megamix series put together by me!!! This version returns to more hip hop/pop roots unlike the last version which had dance music in it. Here is the track list below

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  1. Bend It Over-Lil Wayne
  2. Turntables-Ciara
  3. Bitch I'm Not The One-Diamond/Princess
  4. Caught-Gilicious
  5. Qualify-Keyshia Cole
  6. Starstruck-Lady GaGa
  7. Fix My Hat-Lil Wayne
  8. Hello heartbreak-Michelle Williams
  9. Walk The Dog-Missy lliott
  10. Party People-Nelly
  11. Peep My Swag-Diamond

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Hot Ass Black Men 15

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College Boy Part 7

Several days passed, as Tyrome waited and waited for Clarence to
make his move. Every night after practice, he expected Clarence to knock on
his door to demand payment from their bet. It got so bad at practice that
every time Clarence looked at Tyrome (even on court while the ball was in
play), his mind wondered if tonight was the night? He couldn't concentrate
on anything but their bet, and when Clarence would want to cash in? During
one practice game, Ty did so badly at reading his teammate's signals that
he fumbled or lost the ball over 10 times. Coach Brown shook his head
furiously, blowing his whistle as he pulled Ty off the court.

"What the fuck is your problem, Rome? Why can't you keep your mind on your
game?" asked Brown, yelling at the star player in front of the whole team.

"It's just my game, Coach..., my mind has been elsewhere lately!" he said
in his defense.

"And I know WHERE!!" said Coach, looking at Clarence out on the court,
running from one end to the other as he was passed the ball behind Mikiah's
back in a smooth move as he took the ball all the way up to the rim for an
easy lay-up. Coach Brown watched Tyrome's facial expressions as he watched
Clarence score yet another 2 easy points. "MY office in 5 minutes!"
demanded Brown, walking off the court.

"Not a-fucking-gain!" groaned Tyrome.
The team continued to practice while Ty headed back up to the
coach's office for another impromptu meeting. Ty took one more look at the
team as they began passing the ball to Clarence more and more, he grumbled
to himself jealously as he turned and ran up the back stairs to Coach's

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"Close the door, Tyrome." ordered the coach as he sat behind his desk. Ty
closed the door, still in his sweaty practice uniform. "As you know, I've
coached hundreds of players over my many years here at Jeremiah
University..., and I've seen more than a few players with your situation
come and go."

"My situation...?" asked Ty, confused.

"Yeah..., gay." explained Coach Brown.

"Gay??" asked Tyrome, offended. "I'm not gay Coach!"

"Ty..., c'mon...seriously...I was there, remember? I SAW you on your knees
in the shower with him head!"

"I never gave him head!" defended Ty.

"It's okay, Ty..., I understand! I won't blow your game, I know you've got
a good cover going on with all the fake girlfriends in your life!"

"They're not fakes..." said Ty, having fucked every single last one of

"I've worked with gay players before..., I KNOW how to keep it secret!"
said Coach Brown. "In fact, I've kept a lot of secrets over the years...,
some that would make your head spin!" admitted the coach. "I had this one
player about 6 years ago that liked to give head in the men's room of the
stadium through a gloryhole. He was a GOOD cock sucker, too! Could deep
throat with the best of them, now he's an NBA player!"
Ty's eyebrows went up. Was the coach saying he had gotten head from
one of his students? Was the coach gay? And that so called student HAD to
be Tomas Jackson, of the Chicago Bulls. He was Coach Brown's last pro
student. Tyrome laughed to himself as he pictured the 6-5 all star on his
kness sucking dicks in stalls.

Coach Brown pushed back his chair, exposing the large lump in his
sweat pants. Ty couldn't help noticing it immediately. Brown reached down
and groped himself openly, almost absentmindedly. "I'll keep my mouth shut
about what I saw..." said Coach, "...I wouldn't want to see one of my best
players outted before his career even got a chance to get off the ground!"
he said sincerely. "But my silence comes with a price..." he added, much to
Ty's shock. " know I get horny too, watching all you young players
prance around the locker room in your jock straps and bare asses!"

Ty's mouth dropped. "Coach..." he gasped, unable to believe his
ears. "...are you saying that you' d keep my secret if I...put OUT for

"You make it sound cheap!" said coach, insulted. "C'mon, Ty..., it's not
like you ain't never sucked a dick before..., besides, we go wayyy
back. You just met Clarence!"
Ty nearly choked at the irony. Here Ty was being accused of being
gay while all this time the Coach was a faggot living right up under their
noses! And he would never had known had it not been for Clarence tricking
him into getting butt fucked. He stared at Coach Brown in amazement. HE
actually wanted him (Ty) to suck his dick? His old 45 yr old dick!
Ty felt himself about to throw up.

"Coach...I...I can't..." he said, physically repulsed by the idea.
But before Ty could say anything else, Coach Brown stood up and
exposed his hardon. Tyrome backed up when the older man's 10 inch dick came
into view.

"I've had my eye on you for awhile now, Ty..., but I never thought you were
down like that!" admitted Coach.

"Honestly Coach..., I'm not!" denied Tyrome.

"You don't have to play games with ME, son...I understand..." said Coach,
crossing the room to grope Ty's crotch. "How bout I do you, first?" he
asked, falling down to his knees like a slave.

"Coach, please..." said Tyrome, shocked by his older man's actions.
Coach pulled down Ty's gym shorts, but Ty gripped the waistband,
fighting to hold them up. "Coach...!" he called, trying to snap him out of

"Don't worry about it, one'll know but us!" assured Coach, yanking
down his jock.

"No...!" protested Ty, feeling molested as the Coach leaned forward and
took his soft penis into his mouth.
Ty backed against the closed door as Coach began to feed on his
dick, humming hungrily as he pulled the flaccid phallus with his strong jaw
and lips, forcing it to grow bigger against the owner's will.

"Shit..." groaned Tyrome, giving in as his dick swelled to full mast.
Coach Brown pulled off long enough to sit back on his heels and
admire his handy work.

"Nice piece of meat you got there, son!" he smiled, staring at it
lovingly. "I knew your dick would be nice..., you're a handsome fella." he
finished, taking it back into his mouth.
Ty felt the Coach envelop his dick all the way down the slight
curve of his shaft and into his tight throat. Ty moaned as his entire dick
was sucked expertly for the second time this month by another man. He
couldn't believe the Coach (a man he loved and respected as a former
basketball player for 3 years) was a dick throating fag! Ty could do
nothing but stand there and allow himself to be molested by the older
man. His brain told him `this was wrong', and that he needed to get out of
there pronto before it went any further..., but his loins said `a blow job
is a blow job, and a hard dick had no conscious'.

Coach Brown smoothed his lips up and down the brown shaft before
him, taking it all in at the base. He enjoyed the way it curved down into
his throat as he mashed his face into Ty's sweaty pubic hairs.
Brown breathed in deeply whenever he buried his nose in the hairy
bush, intoxicating himself on the 20 yr old's manly scent. Coach Brown's
brain swooned from the aroma as he sucked harder and took the dick
deeper. His hands roamed up and down Ty's muscular legs as he squeezed and
groped his firm masculine ass cheeks. Ty's balls slapped against the
Coach's chin every time he took him deep. He dragged his lips back and
forth, milking the shaft as he felt the player up with his big strong

"Oh shit..." moaned Ty, feeling himself getting close.
Coach Brown took that as a warning and backed his lips up to the
head and began nursing it like a baby calf. Ty's body trembled as the
Coach's tongue attacked the sensitive head and underside, causing his dick
to throb in the man's mouth. Coach Brown could taste the pre-cum which
formed plentifully at the tip. One hand gripped Ty's muscular ass while the
other gently twisted his tightening balls sack. Tyrome knew he was reaching
the point of no return when he felt the Coach's fingers graze his tight
butt pucker.

"Awww sshhhhhiittttt...!!" he cried aloud, unable to hold his excitement in
any longer.
Brown reached up and stuffed four of his fingers into Ty's mouth to
shut him up, he didn't need the player's downstairs to hear what was going
on up in his office.
Ty panted and moaned as he unconsciously sucked the Coach's thick
fingers while his own dick pulsed and shot out 7 full spurts of hot rich
cum, filling Coach Brown's sucking mouth to capacity.

Brown drank the thick cum down, sucking heatedly along the
pulsating shaft for more. He loved the taste of the player's sperm,
hollowing his cheeks as he tried to vacuum out the last drops.
Ty collapsed back against the door, his body physically exhausted
as the essence was sucked clean out of him. Brown continued to service him
until Ty's dick was totally limp, then Brown rose to his feet and tried to
push Ty to his knees to reciprocate.

"No..., no, I can't..." protested Ty, fighting to stay upright.

"Why not?" asked Brown, dying to get into the player's mouth.

"Because..." said Ty, his mind searching for a believable answer. "...I'm
in a relationship..., --with Clarence!" he lied.
Coach Brown stopped pushing him down and eased up, his dick
starting to soften in his hand.

"Why didn't you say so?" asked Brown, backing off. "I didn't know..., I
certainly would have respected your boundaries!" said the Coach,

"I, uh..., I was too embarrassed to admit it..." lied Tyrome, wiping the
sweat from his brow as he pulled up his shorts. "...but we're really into
each other!"

"Good. I'm glad you're both working it out!" said Coach, tucking his
shinking dick back into his sweat pants. "We'll, uh..., we'll keep this
little indiscretion between us, right?" he asked, not wanting to cause any
trouble between him and Clarence.

"Yeah, sure..., sure!" answered Tyrome, still shocked as he turned for the
door and practically ran back down onto the court.
Coach Brown shook his head at the thought of two players dating. He
chuckled as he closed his door and pulled his dick back out of his pants to
relieve himself some pent up pressure, the taste of Ty's cum still fresh in
his mouth.

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College Boy Part 6

Chapter 3

Tyrome dressed in the locker room, ignoring Clarence as he strolled
out into the locker naked with his towel drooped over his shoulder. Tyrome
new he was just trying to entice him. He slammed his locker shut and headed
back up to the coach's office for the second time that day. He was
extremely nervous about meeting the coach this time, as coach Brown had
caught him fooling around with the new player in the shower room just
moments ago.
He knocked on Brown's door (something he didn't normally do as the
door was usually open). "Come in!" yelled the older man, as Tyrome twisted
the door knob and walked in.

"You wanted to see me again, Coach?" asked Ty, nervously.

"I wanted to commend you for breaking the ice with Clarence..." said Coach,
sitting behind his cluttered desk. "...I know you and Clarence hadn't been
getting along since he joined the team, but when I asked you to make an
effort, I didn't expect you to go ALL OUT like that!"

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"Sir...?" asked Ty, lost.

"I keep telling you I can see without these reading glasses, Ty..., I SAW
you down there in the shower giving Clarence head!"
Ty's mouth dropped open. "Don't worry, you're secret's safe with
me..., anything for the team, right?" smiled Coach Brown.

"But Coach, I didn't..."

"I've got eyes, Ty..., I saw the cum all over your chest for Christ's sake!
Don't lie!" said the Coach.

"But I'm not! Clarence is the gay one...!"

"Clarence is...?" asked Coach, skeptically.

"Yeah! He TOLD me so when we were in his hotel room...!" explained Tyrome.

"Whatever! All I'm saying is..., what a way to take one for the team!
You're the best Captain this school's ever produced, son! And I want to
make sure you're rewarded for it!"

"uh..., thanks Coach, but I really didn't do anything..." said Tyrome,
trying to prove his point.

"Don't be modest, son..., just watch where you go around sucking player's
off...! We don't want rumors spreading that we have a gay team this year!
It could affect our game!" warned Brown, causing a knot in Ty's
stomach. "Now go on...get yourself some rest! You deserved it today!"
As Tyrome turned and walked away, Coach Brown found himself
reaching down under his desk to massage the hardon he had stretching across
his thigh.

Tyrome exited the stadium feeling even more angry and depressed
than before. Now not only had he been tricked into getting his butt fucked
by a rookie player fresh out of high school, but now coach Brown thought HE
was the gay one who sucked dick in the locker room! And to top it all off,
he lost a bet with Clarence and had to let him butt fuck him again, --as if
the first time wasn't humiliating enough!
When he got there, he found the freshmen all lined up on the front
lawn in their jock straps, their bare asses facing the crowd of spectators
who admired them or laughed at them out loud. Several of the newbies looked
completely embarrassed, while others ignored the taunting of the crowd and
stood with their heads high. Key members of the team (Derek Wilson, Carter
Sanborne, and Jason Outlaw) were harassing the players, making them march
in place or do calisthenics for the audience of mostly females onlookers.

"Yo Ty...!!" called Derek Wilson, running up to the star player as he
walked up the front walk carrying his gym bag. "...see what we made the
newbies do?" he laughed, pointing at them all (minus Clarence) in their
jock straps. "We were thinking of making them march around campus like
that..., whadda you think?"
Tyrome looked at the embarrassed players doing jumping jacks in
place, and felt shame over their humiliation (now having experienced it for

"Whatever, man...where's Clarence at?"

"I dunno. Up in his room, I guess. Yo, it's a shame we can't make HIM do
these exercises too..., but you and coach brown made him an untouchable
when you signed him up!" signed Derek.

"Yeah..., it's a shame." agreed Tyrome. He would have loved to have seen
Clarence put in a humiliating position like that, just to get back at him.
Ty went into the frat house and ran up to his room. He threw his
gym bag down on the floor as he slammed his door in frustration. How could
he have gotten himself in such a fucked up situation? His asshole was still
feeling the sensations of Clarence's expert finger fucking in the
shower. He knew he'd have to pay up sooner or later, giving the player what
he wanted in order to keep his promise.
For the next couple of hours, Ty worked on his academics, reading
his study books and writing his papers for classes tomorrow. Even though he
was a star player with a bright future in the NBA, he still needed to get
his education in order (or so said his parents). He looked at his watch to
see it was already after 9pm, as his stomach started to growl in hunger. Ty
was somewhat surprised that Clarence hadn't come knocking on his door by
now, demanding some owed ass from the handsome captain. Grateful for small
wonders, Ty made his way down into the frat kitchen, looking for something
to eat. Just then the front door opened, and in walked the entire
basketball team carrying 10 large pizza boxes.

"What's going on?" smiled Ty, as a pizza party soon went under way. Boxes
flew open, revealing pepperoni, sausage, chicken, mushroom, pepper & onion,
cheese, bacon, broccoli, ham, and meatball pizzas.

"Clarence ordered us dinner!" smiled Carter, digging into one of the boxes.

"Yeah man, he's kool!" said another player (Derek). "I'm glad we couldn't
make him strip to his jock in the front yard!"

"I'll pass..." said Tyrome, going back upstairs hungry. Clarence was
getting in tight with the team (on and off court), becoming one of them
while alienating Ty from them in the process.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Jason, the token white player for the

"You kidding, man? Did you SEE how well Clarence played in practice today?"
asked Mikiah Washington, wrapping his lips around a sausage slice. "Ty's
gotta be worried Coach'll replace him with Clarence before the season's
over! They boi's a natural!"

"But Ty's got game, too!" defended Jason, loyally.

"But Ty's in his last year, Clarence is just starting out fresh! He's got
four years to win a championship while Ty's down to his last try to impress
the scouts! He NEEDS this year to be a banner year for him, or he can kiss
a big contract goodbye!"

At the top of the stairs, Tyrome heard every word being said about
him. He did need this year to be the one to put him on the map as far as
scouts were concerned. With a college championship under his belt, he could
argue that he was a player that could make things happed and demand a huge
salary. Or else he was just another forgettable player amongst
millions. Was this Clarence's plan, to come in and take over the team from
up under his nose? Ty wasn't about to let that happen.

He passed Clarence's room on the way to his room and wondered why
he hadn't heard from the sadistic tormentor yet? What was taking him so
long to demand payment? He walked up to his door and listened, pressing his
ear to the wood. Sure enough Clarence was inside, probably studying. Tyrome
decided he wanted to get this bet over and done with, he didn't want to
prolong his agony by allowing Clarence to loom his pending fuck over his
head days (weeks) at a time.
He knocked on the door.

"Come in!" called Clarence, sitting at his desk in a skimpy pair of loose
shorts while writing his papers on his lap-top. He looked up, somewhat
surprised to see Tyrome standing in the doorway. "Yes?" he asked,

"I'm wondering when we gonna finish this bet?" asked Tyrome.

"What bet?" asked Clarence.

"Don't `what bet' me! You know damn well what bet!" said Ty, annoyed. "When
you gonna fuck me and get it over with?"

"Is that how you ask for it?" asked Clarence, leaning back from his
computer. "No wonder you were a virgin when I met you!"

"Fuck the jokes, man! I wanna get this done and over with as fast as
possible!" said Ty.

"So you WANT me to fuck you?" asked Clarence, smirking.

"Whatever, dude! Lets just get this over with!"

"Not til you ask me nicely." said Clarence, spreading his legs so Ty could
see his crotch. He reached down lazily with his hand and started massaging
his lengthy dick through the material. Ty watched the dick starting to
lengthen out the bottom of his shorts.

"Fuck you! That'll never happen!" yelled Ty, exiting the room in a huff.
Ty returned to his room, pissed at Clarence as well as himself for
getting put in this position again. He couldn't believe he bet his ASS on

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College Boy Part 5

"You're fucking twisted, man!" he yelled, distastefully.

"I bet you I could make you cum without touching your dick!" challenged

"What?" asked Ty, thinking he was hearing things.

"I bet you I could make you cum right here right now, without once touching
your dick!" repeated Clarence, having picked this idea up in a story he
once read.

"How the fuck're you gonna do that?" asked Tyrome, curiously.

"Think I can't do it?" asked Clarence, clearly interested.

"No hands? No mouth?" questioned Ty, for clarification. "What I get if you
don't?" he asked curiously.

"I'll give you the best blow job you'll ever have..., I'll even swallow
your cum for you!" offered Clarence, knowing he could live with that bet.

"And if I lose...?" asked Ty.

"You have to let me fuck you again, at the time and place of my choice!"
Ty seemed to be thinking the deal over, doubting seriously that
Clarence could make him cum without touching or sucking his dick. He
thought back to the hot blow job the baller gave him back in his hotel
room, Ty nearly came in the taller guy's mouth every time he swallowed his
dick whole. Tyrome knew he could certainly go for another one of THOSE kind
of blow jobs, and accepted the challenge despite the hatred he felt towards
the player.

Clarence walked across the shower floor, his long thick dick
swinging ominously between his dark thighs. He stood over Tyrome, then took
the soap from him as he lathered up his hands and knelt down on the
floor. Ty watched curiously as Clarence reached up between his legs and
started to finger his ass crack. Ty's dick started to harden almost
automatically as he rubbed his long digits back and forth over his tightly
puckered anus.

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Clarence was face to dick with Tyrome's hard penis. He looked up
into the face of the older male whom stared down at him curiously,
wondering how he was going to get him to cum without touching his
manhood. Just when he was about to question Clarence's technique, Clarence
shoved a middle finger deep into Ty's anus, causing Ty to gasp aloud.
Ty rose up on his tip-toes, trying to escape the digit as Clarence
jammed and twisted his finger around in the gripping chute. Ty reached down
and grabbed Clarence's wrist, trying to dislodge the finger as Clarence
wiggled it around inside until he found Ty's prostate.

"uhhh...!" groaned Ty, struggling less. His dick remained hard as it stuck
out 9 inches from his body. Clarence found it difficult to ignore the hard
penile as it appetizingly bobbed before him like bait. He longed to take
the hard muscle between his lips and slurp along the shaft until he ate the
star's creamy load. But a promise was a promise. Clarence fingered the
tightly sealed hole until he felt Tyrome's body slowly begin to loosen. Ty
leaned back against the shower wall as Clarence added another finger,
pushing it up inside the pulsating hole while Ty groaned and reached for
his dick.
Clarence smacked away Tyrome's hand as he fingered the hole
deeply. "Why can't I jack off?" asked Ty, his dick practically demanding
attention as it bobbed and pulsed in mid-air.

"I'm running this show!" said Clarence, staring up at the basketball star
from his knees. "You cum when I say so!"

"Maaannn..." whined Tyrome, feeling the fingers move in and out of him. He
bent his knees, giving the searching fingers deeper access as they jammed
in and out faster.
Clarence found Tyrome's prostate gland, then started to poke and
massage it with his longest digits. Tyrome found himself groaning louder as
his asshole spasm around Clarence's fingers. He needed to stroke his dick
badly. He reached down and grabbed it again, only to have Clarence push his
hand away. "Come on, man..., let me cum, pleeeassse?"

"Turn around...I'll make you cum...!" insisted Clarence, working over the
Ty hesitated, looking concerned as he looked down at Clarence's
hard 12 inch python.

"I don't wanna get fucked again, yo!" he protested, his eyes glued on the
black monster below.

"I won't fuck you unless you beg me to!" clarified Clarence, twisting and
turning his fingers around inside.
Tyrome groaned aloud from the finger fucking, Clarence's fingers
squeezing in and out of his tight anal ring to probe around deep in his
rectum, hitting the `joy spot' (as Clarence liked to call it). Clarence
fought the temptation to lean forward and lick the salty end of Ty's dick,
tasting his pre-cum. The last time he sucked Ty's dick, he let him waste
the load all over the hotel sheets beneath them, but this time Clarence
intended to watch every ounce of the star's sperm spurt from his dick,
shooting from the twitching penile in long juicy ropes. He wanted to eat
Ty's load whether he won or loss the challenge, but first thing's first as
he HAD to make Ty cum without touching his dick in order to get another
chance at fucking that sweet ass.

Ty was leaning against the shower wall, groaning softly as his
asshole was being manipulated. Clarence was hitting something inside him,
something that made his dick jump every time his fingers probed him. The
pre-cum was starting to drip down off the tip of his dick, making Clarence
hungry for it.
Clarence reached up with his free hand and began gently squeezing
Ty's balls, feeling the soft fleshy sack as he massaged the delicate orbs
inside it. Ty's dick arched upward, jerking before Clarence's
face. Clarence licked his lips, wanting nothing more than to take the hot
dick into his mouth and suck swallow it, but he needed to show Tyrome who
was in control here, who the real man was if he wanted to ever get back up
the jock's ass again.

Tyrome found himself thrusting his hips back and forth, simulating
fucking as his dick throbbed with the need to sink into something warm and
wet. The fingers in his ass was doing a job on him, and he needed to cum
really bad. Clarence was churning his balls gently with one hand, while
expertly finger fucking him with two fingers from the other. Ty was
starting to understand how a man could cum without ever touching his
dick. His own dick was quickly getting more and more excited as it jerked
and bobbed in mid-air. Ty didn't want to cum this way, he wanted Clarence
to lose so he could cum down in his faggot throat, redeeming himself for
the ass fucking he took at the hotel.
Clarence knew Ty was getting closer to losing his load, he saw the
way the dick jumped and bobbed, leaking more and more pre-cum as it pulsed
with a beat of its own. He could feel Ty's asshole muscles starting to
slowly spasm around his digging fingers, and knew it was only a matter of
time before he popped.

He stared up at the star player's built body, admiring how well
toned Tyrome was with his rippled abs, his trim waist, his hard chest, and
his thick thighs. Tyrome was a woman's dream, a handsome well built
basketball player with a bright future and a big dick. The only thing
lacking on Ty was a personality, --his was shitty. He treated girls like
cattle, and respected none of them. Clarence knew what type of guy Ty was
from the instant he met him, he knew he was an asshole with a great body
and a better game, and he knew someone had to bring him back down to size.
He was still twisting Ty's balls in his hand when he leaned forward
and took them in his mouth, bathing the hairy sack with warm
saliva. "OOoooo shhhiiitttttt..." groaned Tyrome, spreading his legs
further to get maximum penetration.

Clarence rolled each ball around in his mouth with his tongue,
pulling them gently as he sucked and slurped the hot orbs passionately. "Oh
fuck...!" cried Tyrome as his dick jumped above Clarence's face, --his legs
starting to tremble. Clarence jammed the bloated prostate with his fingers
just as the first rope of cum shot from the tip of the dick, land square on
Clarence's right shoulder. "AAHHHHH...!!" grunted Tyrome, as the second
rope shot forth over Clarence's back. Clarence spit the ball sack from his
mouth and watched cross-eyed as the rest of Ty's load shot onto his
chest. Ty was panting hard as he came, his eyes closed tightly as his
asshole spasm like crazy around the probing digits.
Once Ty's dick stopped cumming and the wild jerking settled to a
mild pulse, Clarence took the hard shaft into his free hand and squeezed
the cum-tube with his thumb, forcing out the last drops of semen as it
oozed from the clogged tip. Then he leaned forward and licked the cum drops
away, loving the taste of Ty's sperm as he pulled back to savor it.

He looked up at Ty as the older boy's eyes slowly opened. He looked
down into Clarence's eyes, his dick still pulsating before him. The hatred
began to quickly return to Ty's brain as Clarence smirked up at him and
reminded him that he owed him some ass. "I know...!" said Tyrome, pushing
Clarence's fingers from his throbbing poop-chute as he tried to return to
his shower and block everything else out.
Clarence stood up, stroking his thick 12 inch hardon. Tyrome tried
to ignore it as he turned his back to him in the shower, but that only
caused Clarence to walk up and grind his hardon against his ass.

"Yo man...! I said I didn't want to get fucked!" protested Ty' pushing
Clarence away.

"But you OWE me, dawg!" said Clarence, wanting some ass.

"Not here!" said Ty, afraid someone might walk in and see them. "In my dorm
room, later!"

"But I want to cum now!" said Clarence.

"So cum, just not using my ass!" said Tyrome.
Clarence settled for just having to stroke his big dick, but he
didn't go back over to his shower like Ty intended, instead he stayed with
him and stroked his raging hardon until he felt himself about to cum.

Tyrome looked down at the long hard dick jerking in Clarence's
hand, and marveled at its size. Ty had only seen dicks Clarence's size in
porno movies, and even some of those didn't look real. They could barely
keep them hard, having to grab them tightly about the base as they fucked a
woman's wet pussy for the camera. Even when they came, their dicks looked
half hard. But Clarence's dick was different, even though it was 12 inches
of dark meat, it was as rock solid hard as any dick on campus. Ty couldn't
believe he'd managed to have the whole thing shoved up into his ass at one
point. Hell, after losing the bet, he'd be having it in him again sometime
He saw Clarence's dick starting to swell and throb in his stroking
hand. Curiosity got the better of Tyrome as he sank to his knees for a
better look. At eye level, he watched the dick head swell, then start to
spit sperm out at him. He jumped back in surprised as the first spurt hit
his chest, followed by the second, third, forth, fifth, and sixth. Ty
actually watched Clarence's entire orgasm as he came, and wondered if the
young ex-high schooler had cum that much inside him?

"What the fucks going on in here?" asked coach Brown, standing at the foot
of the shower peering in. He saw his star player (Tyrome) on his knees
before the new guy, with what looked like cum streaks on his chest. Both
players tried to straighten up and act as if nothing happened, taking
separate shower stalls as they washed off the cum streaks.

"uh..., nothing coach! I was, uh..., just trying to show Clarence a few
moves for the court!"

"Right..." said coach Brown. "I want to see you in my office when you
finish your shower Smith!"
Tyrome felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck at the coach's

"Now you got me in trouble!" he said to Clarence, rolling his eyes as he
turned off his shower and grabbed his towel. Clarence couldn't help looking
at Ty's light brown ass as he walked from the showers, smiling to himself in
anticipation of the next time he'd get to slide his meat between those

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College Boy Part 3

"Just relax!" encouraged Clarence, really wanting inside the hot Captain's
ass. "Pretend like it's my tongue!"

"Your tongue wasn't that fat!!" reminded Ty, squeezing his eyes shut as he
tried to grin and bare it. Clarence reached down and around Ty's waist to
feel for his dick. Totally limp now, Clarence grabbed and massaged it while
merely holding his dick head inside the anus. Eventually Ty's dick started
to respond as Clarence began to feed his ass more dick.

Clarence pulled Ty
upright on his knees until Ty's back was flat against his chest. He kissed
and sucked at the player's neck and shoulders while he slowly jacked him
and inched more long dick into his anal track.

Tyrome moaned and groaned as his ass was packed full. He tried to
endure the pain and pressure, but there always seemed to be more dick
pushing forth. Finally he felt Clarence starting to thrust back and forth,
sawing his dick in and out of his anal ring. Ty felt breathless as his ass
was fucked slowly from behind. Clarence was sucking at his neck (one of
Ty's hot-spots), holding his torso and pinching his erect nipples with one
hand, while jacking him with the other. Tyrome threw his head back on
Clarence's shoulder, feeling his anal muscles relax as the dick moved
through him at a nice slow pace. Soon his dick was rock hard in Clarence's
hand, the pre-cum flowing once again.

"You like this?" asked Clarence, pushing and pulling back and forth faster.

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"uhh..." groaned Ty. "Just fuck me and get it over with, man!" he said,
trying to sound indifferent. But Clarence knew by the sucking anus and the
pulsing dick in his hand, that Tyrome was enjoying this butt fucking more
than he let on.
Clarence moved his lips up to Ty's ear, licking and nibbling the
lobe as he stuck his tongue into the opening. Tyrome groaned louder,
pushing his ass back on the dick. His breathing became heavy as he arched
his back so his ass stick out further for fucking. Clarence knew he had him
right where he wanted him as he picked up the pace and started to fuck the
ball player harder.

"I LOVE your ass, man!" whispered Clarence between soft wet kisses on the
ear and neck. "I could fuck this hole for hours if you'd let me! If I
joined the University, would you let me fuck you regularly? Would you be my
personal bitch, to fuck when and wherever I wanted?"

"Oh fuck, man..." moaned Tyrome, his dick jumping his Clarence's expertly
jerking hand.

"Is that a yes, man? Would you be my bitch? Would you let me fuck you
again?" whispered Clarence, knowing he HAD to make Ty agree before he came,
--before he came back to his senses. "Your pussy feels so fucking good on
my dick, man! I love how it snaps down on me and holds me inside you, like
it doesn't wanna let me go! Do you feel it, baby? Do you like? Would you
like to let me fuck you again on a regular basis?"

"Maannn..., don't do this to me..." moaned Tyrome, feeling weak. The
constant massage of his prostate and the combination of jacking and sweet
talk was putting him over the edge. Tyrome didn't want to cum with another
man's dick up his ass. What would that say about him as a man?
He grabbed at Clarence's hand, trying to stop him from jacking him
off. Only faggots came with a man fucking their asses!

"Come on, baby..., you know you like it! Tell me how much you like having
me in you!" whispered Clarence, pushing even more dick up inside the hole
and making Tyrome groan more. "Your ass feels so much hotter and tighter
than any girl's pussy I've ever had! You're such a hot fucking dude, I
could suck your dick everyday before and after I fuck you. Did you like how
my mouth felt on your dick?"

"Yeeahhh..." moaned Ty, giving in more and more.

"Wouldn't you like me to blow you on a regular, man? Wouldn't you like to
blow your load in my mouth..., down my throat?"

"OOOooo Fuuuuck...!!" groaned Ty, losing his senses.

"I could take your dick into my mouth and let you cum straight down into my
throat if you want..., so long as you give me this sweet ass-pussy to fuck
whenever I want it!" whispered Clarence, --fucking, sucking, and stroking
all at once. Tyrome's mind and body was on fire with mixed emotions. "Would
you like that, baby? Does that sound good to you?"

"Oh FUCK...!!" yelled Ty, his asshole suddenly squeezing down on Clarence's
dick like a vice. His body stiffened as his dick swelled in Clarence's
hand, shooting hot thick ropes of cum all over the hotel bed sheets as he
grunted and gasped for breath.
Clarence used that opportunity to hump harder into Tyrome's
spasming body. He held him tightly to keep him from wiggling away while he
fucked at his clinching ass with hard deep strokes. Tyrome grunted and
groaned as the dick pushed through his clamping sphincter to pound into his
heated bowels. Clarence felt his own orgasm coming on strong as he gripped
Tyrome's body tighter. He humped up into the tight ass before him, his dick
swelling before losing it's massive load into the ball player's
bowels. Tyrome could feel the dick pulsating wildly inside him, his colon
growing warm with liquid. He could hear Clarence panting for breath behind
him. He could feel his heavy heart beat against his back. He held his
ground until he felt Clarence's grip on him loosen, allowing him to climb

Clarence fell out on his back on the bed, his thick long snake like
dick lay dying slowly across his thigh. Tyrome couldn't help but stare at
it, not having seen how long it was before it entered him. He estimated
Clarence to be about 12 inches long! From the wet streaks left on it, it
seemed that only about a third of it had actually made it into his ass.

"We kew?" asked Ty, climbing off the bed to his feet.

"Yeah..., we kewl." said Clarence, peeking up over his chest.
Tyrome reached for his clothes, eager to get dressed and get
out. Clarence rose up on his elbows, admiring the view of Ty's brown butt
cheeks as he put one leg behind the other in his pants and underwear.

"Are we gonna do this again?" he asked, smiling as his dick started to
lengthen across his leg.
Ty looked back at him as he threw on his shirt.

"We'll have to work on finding someone to take you on a regular, man..., my
ass ain't taking no more dick!" informed Tyrome.

"But you like it! You came while I was fucking you!" defended Clarence.

"I like PUSSY, man! I ain't gay!" explained Ty, putting on his shoes.

"We'll see." smiled Clarence, as Ty practically ran for the door.
Ty couldn't believe what just happened as he stood waiting for the
elevator. His asshole felt 10x as big as normal, as it still throbbed from
the fucking it got. He tried blacking out what happened as he jumped onto
the elevator and pressed for the Lobby. When he got back to the frat house,
he's have to grab 2 or 3 girls to fuck to prove he was still a man! That he
still had what it took to fuck a girl and get her off! A man's body was
made for fucking women, to cum inside them, not to be came inside! When the
elevator doors opened, he was shocked to see the Coach escorting Clarence's
mom and dad inside. They all met in the lobby, with Coach congratulating
them on signing their son to Jeremiah University.

"What do you mean...?" asked Tyrome, confused. " mean.., they already

"Clarence signed with his parents in the Deen's Office before we went to
dinner! Why do you think we were celebrating?" asked Coach Brown, walking
the parents over to the elevators.
Tyrome frowned when he realized Clarence suckered him, tricking him
into letting him fuck him despite knowing he'd already signed to
J. University.

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College Boy Part 4

Tyrome Smith returned to the Frat House angry as hell. He had been
tricked into allowing his asshole to be fucked by a college freshmen. He
pulled his shinny jet black soft top convertible CorvetteX20 in front of
the building, and ran inside. He grabbed the first beer he came across,
chugging it down until the entire bottle was drained. As soon as he was
done, he found another and began drinking that as well.

"You okay, man?" asked one of his teammates (Carter Sanborne), concerned.

"I'm fine!" said Ty, breaking through the crowd full speed. He grabbed one
of the girls he frequently fucked, and dragged her upstairs without so much
as a `hello'.
He took the girl to his room and slammed the door. "Take off your
clothes!" he ordered, finishing his beer.

"Hello to you, too!" said the girl, sarcastically. "I haven't seen you in
weeks..., now you just wanna come in and..."

"Take off your fucking clothes!!" yelled Tyrome, smashing his beer bottle
against the wall. The girl jumped, then started to nervously
undress. Tyrome began tearing at his own clothes, ripping off his expensive
silk shirt and yanking at his designer pants.
The girl stood before him completely naked, her perky tits and trim
light brown waist beckoning for him to come.

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Tyrome walked over to her,
grabbed the sides of her head, and stick his tongue into her slack
mouth. The girl accepted his tongue, having fucked with Ty before. He was a
handsome man, nice body, thick dick, great game on the court, --most girls
wanted to get their hands (and legs) around him, he was sure to become a
name worth remembering once the pro-balls started calling. She thought like
most of the girls thought who chased ball players, if they fuck them good
enough maybe the men might keep them around or eventually marry them if
they could manage to get themselves pregnant before they hit the big-time.

Tyrome and the rest of the guys knew what the girls were up to
(thanks to coach), as most of them (but not all) wore condoms to cut down
on chances of getting trapped. But even then, some of the more devious
girls took straight pins and razor blades with them to stab and sabotage
the condoms while they were still in their packages. Once the unsuspected
sabotaged condom is rolled onto a hard penis, it is sure to break sometime
during sex, or at the very least break or leak once full of semen,
heightening the chances of pregnancy and a life of leisure as the baby's
momma of a famous baller through child support.

Tyrome pulled the girl over to his bed, laying her down as he
pulled apart her luscious legs to admire her juice pussy. He licked his
lips hungrily, his fat hard dick standing thick and straight as he bent
down and kissed her directly on her vaginal lips.
The girl moaned as the handsome ball player started to eat her
pussy out, licking and sucking the soft flesh and pulling at the flaps with
his lips. He stuck his tongue into the hole and sucked feverishly at the
clit, enjoying the taste and smell of her scent.

Then Ty's mind started to trace back to the hotel, recalling how
the new recruit had ate his asshole as if it were a woman's pussy. Tyrome
remembered how intense the feeling was when he felt the man's lips and
tongue sucking heatedly at his bare hole. He wondered if that's how the
girl felt now, while he was eating her out.
He looked up into her face, watching her moan and groan as she
tossed her head from left to right. Tyrome's asshole started to throb in
remembrance of his anal eating. Much to his surprise, he felt something wet
starting to leak from his hole. When he reached around discreetly to feel
what it was, he was shocked to see the semen inside him starting to leak

Panicking, Tyrome jumped up from the girl's pussy and reached for a
nearby condom. He quickly ripped it open and peeled it down the length of
his fat dick. He aimed it up to her opening, then leaned into her. The girl
groaned as his dick entered her, slowly sinking all the way in up to his
hairy balls.
Tyrome lay down on top of her, grounding his meat around in her
snatch while he squeezed and sucked at her titties. He suckled the hard
nipples while squeezing the breasts, sliding his dick in and out of her as
she spread her legs wide and wrapped her arms around his back.

Ty fucked in and out of her at a fast pace, loving her grunts and
groans as he fed her more dick. Instantly he was reminded of his own anal
fucking, where he was on the bottom of the man fucking him. He recalled how
the big dick felt moving in and out of him, fucking him deep and making him
take the entire load in his ass.
Ty started fucking harder, slamming his hips into hers as they both
started to moan in unison, taking out his shames and frustrations on the
girl. She reached around and grabbed two big handfuls of his beefy buttock,
squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart as she pulled him into
her. Tyrome felt his anus stretch open with every withdraw, causing more
and more semen to escape the relaxed hole. Tyrome could actually feel the
loose semen running from his hole and down across his hairy balls,
signaling his own climax as he humped into her one last time and yelled out
loud. The girl came too, her pussy clamping down on Ty's embedded dick as
she accepted his packaged load.

After catching his breath, Tyrome rolled off of the girl and onto
his back. He looked down to make sure that the condom was still there, and
that it hadn't broke or been sabotaged by straight pins or razors. Once
confirmed with his load intact, he fell back against the bed and waited
until his breathing returned to normal. Meanwhile the girl was cuddling up
next to him, rubbing his chest and erect nipples and stroking his ego by
telling him how good a fuck he was. "If you don't mind, I'd rather be by
myself right now." he said coldly, causing the girl to jump up off the bed
in a huff. She threw on her clothes and stormed out of his bedroom better
than Halle Berry in X-Men. Tyrome simply lay there, his body resting as his
mind wandered back to the hotel room where he lost his anal virginity.
Somewhere, somehow, --he had to get back at Clarence Johnson for
ruining his life!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Once college started and the sports teams started their practices,
the spectator seats began filling with admirers looking to see their
favorite players and newest recruit hopefuls in action.
On the basketball practice court, Clarence Johnson was very
impressive, hitting every foul shot, 3 point shot, lay-up, slam dunk, free
throw, and 2 pointer he got his hands on. He ran passes with several key
members, trying to learn their game styles to help anticipate where they
would be on court in any given game. The Coach was ecstatic about having
the talented 18 yr old on his team, as was the rest of the players. They
worked out plays and pass formations that had worked for them in the past,
as well as learned new plays that Clarence brought to the table.

Tyrome kept a considerable distance between them, not interacting with the 6 foot
4 newbie, still sore over what happened to him back at the hotel. Some of
the other players noticed the cold looks and evil stares, wondering what
was going on. Coach Brown noticed that his star Captain wasn't taking the
time to nurture Clarence like they planned, and requested to see Tyrome in
his office after practice.

"You wanted to see me, Coach?" asked Tyrome, still sweaty after the game
before hitting the showers.
Coach Brown had been sitting behind his desk, going over play books
and stats when Ty came in. He tossed his papers onto his desk and sat back
in his seat, looking up at his star player.

"What's going on between you and Clarence?" he asked, straight out.

"Coach...?" asked Ty, surprised. `Did the coach know something' he
Coach Brown took off his glasses...

"Do you think I'm blind, Ty? I can see without these reading glasses you

"I know..." said Ty.

"So explain to me why I haven't seen you say two words to Clarence Johnson
since we signed him up? You know how hard we fought to get him in J.U.,
keeping him away from Seymour College! Why are you acting funny against him
now? He needs to learn our playing style, he needs to get used to
interacting with his teammates! You won't have a connecting bond with him
if you don't allow him to learn your game!"

"Coach..., you don't know Clarence like I do...he's NOT the team player we

"Look Ty..., I'm not interested in his personality off the court, just his
performance ON court! Now..., whatever rift you two've got going on between
you needs to be cleaned and cleared up before you step foot on the woods!
You're team Captain! This's your team as well as mine! We need to get our
shit together! MAKE AN EFFORT, son!!"

"Yes, sir." said Tyrome, understanding that the Coach was right.
He left the Coach's office, knowing that the team came before any
personal issues. He'd HAVE to find away to get along with Clarence on
court, while getting his revenge off court.

Walking back down towards the locker room, Ty noticed most of the
team was already showered and half dressed when he returned. He down played
what the Coach had to say, unsure if he wanted his boiz in on his beef
between him and the new guy. If he let it leak out that he and Clarence had
beef between them, the guys would want to know what happened, causing Ty to
have to reveal how he'd been tricked into letting the new guy butt fuck him
in his hotel room (last chap).

Ty walked into the shower, carrying nothing but his towel over his
shoulder. Most all of the players were sure and confident of their bodies,
they often walked around the locker room in the buff or in jock straps
obliviously. Ty walked into the shower room looking to get under the
warming massage of the spraying water. He needed to wash away the sweat of
a long practice session, but more importantly he needed time to relax and
clear his head about his situation. Here he'd been violated in the worse
way a man could be (butt fucked up the ass), and he had no one he could
relate his mental anguish and pain to. Clarence Johnson tricked him into
letting him fuck him, taking away his pride and manhood and leaving him
with nothing. Tyrome felt he needed vindication in order to get this ordeal
behind him.

The shower room still had a few players in it when he got
there. They were laughing and making jokes, talking about some of the new
girls they were already trying to bed down, and voicing their hopes and
expectations of a successful season this year. Ty added nothing to the
conversations as he picked himself a stall and turned on his shower
head. He let the warm spray wash over him, almost instantly soothing his
tense muscles as he closed his eyes and tuned out everyone around him.
When he began to lather, he used a fresh bar of soap which he
smoothed all over his body; chest, arms, pits, wash board stomach, back,
thighs, legs, crotch, and buttock. It was while he was washing his buttock
(his soapy fingers grazing over his puckered anus), that his dick started
to slowly swell and stiffen. Embarrassed, Ty looked around to see who was
left in the shower to observe him. He was somewhat surprised to see that he
was the last player left in the shower. All the other players had finished
off and moved on without him.

Ty continued to soap up his anus as he slipped a curious finger
into the ring. He groaned softly as memories of his one and only butt
fucking filled his head. Ty pushed the finger deeper into his anus,
slipping it back and forth to efficiently fuck himself while stroking his
soapy manhood. He still couldn't believe he allowed himself to be fucked by
another man, yet he couldn't help recalling how intense his orgasm was when
he finally came. Something inside him was feeling good, making his whole
body react while getting fucked. He stroked his dick to that memory, his
hardon starting to pulse in his fast moving fist.

But before Tyrome could finish his climax, he heard the sound of
another shower head turning on. He opened his eyes to see 18 yr old
Clarence Johnson using the shower stall opposite him. The 6 foot 4 inch
tall dark skin baller was facing Tyrome, soaping up his long torso and
crotch as he slowly stroked his lengthy black snake. He caught Tyrome
masturbating in the shower stall, fingering his own ass. Ty noticed a broad
smirk spreading across Clarence's face. Ty instantly stopped jacking his
dick, and removed his fingers from his hole.

"Too late, man..., I saw you!" smiled Clarence, making Tyrome blush with
anger. "Anytime you need me to help you reminisce, just let me know!"

"Fuck off, CJ..., that was a real shitty thing to do to a teammate!" swore

"And trying to lure me with female whores wasn't?" asked Clarence. "You
tried to get me to sign by trying to entice me with sex..., all I did was
change the sex you were offering to something I would rather prefer!"

"But you knew I wasn't gay! You knew I wouldn't've been down with what you
did had you not tricked me into thinking you hadn't yet signed!"

"What're you REALLY mad for, Ty...? You mad cuz I out smarted you and
tricked you into giving up the booty? Or are you mad cuz you know you
really liked it?" asked Clarence.

"Fuck you! I didn't like nothing about that shit!" yelled Tyrome, feeling
his manhood questioned.

"Buttshit, dawg..., I was there, remember? I saw you cumming all over the
bed sheets with my dick all the way up your ass! That ain't something you
straight boiz're supposed to like you know?" teased Clarence, still
stroking his mighty log.

"And what about how you sucked my dick?" asked Tyrome, trying to come back.

"I already admitted to you that I'm gay! Sucking dick and sucking it well
goes with the territory!" countered Clarence. He eyed Tyrome's muscular
body up and down, his stare focusing on his limp dick. "Want me to do it

"Fuck NO!" said Tyrome, turning his back to rinse off.

"Oh, I see..., you wanna give me that ass again!" smiled Clarence, causing
Tyrome to spin back around, covering his ass with his hands.

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College Boy Part 2

"Well playa..., I don't know any jocks that's down with that! Maybe some of
the guys on the tennis team...?" thought Tyrome.

"Well..., I kinda had my eye on yours!" said Clarence, reaching for a long

"ME??" choked Ty, offended. "I ain't gay, hommie! I ain't down with that

"I thought you wanted me on your team?" asked Clarence, still stroking his
lump. "Thought you said Coach wanted you to give me whatever I wanted to
keep me happy?"

"Yeah, but..., MY ASS ain't part of the equation!" said Ty, stepping back
to protect his assets.

"Oh well..." said Clarence, hunching his shoulders. "...guess I'll just
have to sign with Seymour University!"
Ty's mouth dropped open at the mere mention of their toughest

"Maann..." he sighed frustrated. "...why can't I just get you a girl
that'll let you fuck her in the ass? Hell, I'll even pop for a hooker of
your choice! Why does it have to be MY ass on the line?"

"Because you need me the most!" said Clarence. "This's your last year to
win a championship before you graduate, if you don't do it now, you never

"You're a real asshole, you know that?" said Tyrome, feeling backed into a

"That' what my Coach said before I popped his cherry!" smiled Clarence,
having done this sort of thing before.

"What guarantee do I have that your parents'll let you sign after I...,
after I..., give up the ass?" asked Ty, swallowing his dignity.

"You have my word, man! The final decision's up to me, my parents'll go
with whatever University I feel most comfortable with, --regardless of the
perks." assured Clarence, once again rubbing his dick. He could see Tyrome
thinking it over in his head. He really wanted that championship over
Seymour, and that was just the ammo Clarence needed to set the bait to his

"Okay man..., I'll let you do it, so long as you sign with J. University,
and NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY hears of this!!"

"You got it, man!" smiled Clarence.

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"I can't fucking believe I'm doing this...!!" mumbled Tyrome, moving
further into the room as he slowly began removing his clothes.
Tyrome was 6-2, 170 lbs with a medium muscular build, a brown skin
complexion, full sexy sensual lips, a thin trimmed mustache, and a short
tapered hair cut. He always kept himself well groomed and clean shaven,
incase any of the local of college papers ever wanted to do an unexpected
interview or take a picture. He was very attractive and always had his pick
of women on and off campus grounds to satisfy his thick long 9 inch
This was the first sexual encounter Ty had ever had where he was
more nervous than excited. His plump dick lay completely limp between his
legs as he undressed, his mind preoccupied with the thoughts of horrible
pain shooting through his sore and never before touched anus. Ty couldn't
believe he was about to give up his anal virginity for the school. But he
realized it really wasn't for the school, it for his chances to finally win
a championship before finishing college. Something like that could really
look good on his resume while shopping for a pro contract.

Clarence watched as Tyrome stripped completely naked. He enjoyed
the straight man's perfectly toned brown body and rippled 6pack as he threw
the last article of clothing to the floor. "Well...?" asked Ty, waiting for
whatever came next.

"You've got a really great body..." said Clarence, walking up to him. Ty
felt strange receiving the compliment from another man while completely
naked about to get butt fucked in a hotel room.

"Thanks." he said nervously, watching as Clarence reached out and began
feeling his muscles. "I thought you wanted my ass?" he asked, wanting to
get the deed over quickly.

"I do..., what's the rush?" asked Clarence, dropping to his knees.
Ty watched in shock as the big guy leaned forward and took his limp
dick into his mouth and began sucking. `Damn, this guy really is gay!'
�thought Ty, feeling the mouth, lips, and tongue working over his soft
Clarence could smell the clean cologne fresh scent of Tyrome's
crotch, hinted with a slight musky smell from sweat and confinement. He
breathed in deeply through his nostrils as he suckled the soft phallus,
pulling at the shaft with his full dark lips. Slowly (against Tyrome's
will) the dick started to rise and harden in Clarence's mouth. Ty tried to
keep his dick from getting hard, not wanting to give in to the fleshly
feelings of pleasure from another man. But the hot wet mouth felt as good
as any woman's who's ever sucked him. He recalled the old saying that `a
hard dick has no conscious', and he now knew what the expression meant in

Clarence felt the dick hardening in his mouth as he sucked. His
lips wrapped around the thickening shaft as he bobbed his head back and
forth on the star player's meat. Soon it was standing at its full 9 inch
thickness, Clarence sucked sweetly at the fat dome, suckling for any hint
of pre-cum before swallowing the entire length down into his throat. Tyrome
gasped as the throat muscles clamped down around his shaft, milking him
like a farmer would a cow' teat. Ty's hands instinctively went to
Clarence's head as the big guy molded his throat around the pulsing shaft.

"Oh fuck..." moaned Tyrome, feeling Clarence retreat back up to the head as
he sucked once again at the head for more juice.
Ty said nothing, not wanting Clarence to know how well he was
getting to him. He needed to save some of his dignity for after the butt
fucking, getting punked and losing his load to Clarence's mouth might be
too much to deal with in one night.
But Clarence already knew what affects he was having on Tyrome, he
could tell just by the volume of pre-cum forming at the tip of his dick
alone. He swiped away the sticky flavorful droplets before going all the
way back down on it. Clarence loved taking straight dick down his throat,
shocking men with his oral skills. They often didn't expect him to be as
good as he is, but Clarence had been sucking dick for as long as he'd been
playing ball, and was a practical expert at both.

Ty felt the full wet lips sliding up and down his thick shaft, and
closed his eyes to the awesome feeling. He loved getting his dick sucked,
and had to confess (if only to himself) that Clarence was the best he'd
ever had. He loved how easily the big guy took his meat into his throat,
holding it there as he buried his nose in his dick bush before slowly
sliding back up to the head.
His dick was starting to pulse every time Clarence sucked at the
tip, tasting the tasty pre-cum. It wouldn't be long before he felt himself
white washing the faggot's throat if he kept this up. Tyrome started to
actually look forward to flooding the ball player's throat, he thought of
it as a form of payback for the butt fucking he was going to get. But just
as Ty's dick started to throb, Clarence pulled his mouth completely off,
leaving the brown dick bobbing wetly and oozing more pre-cream at the tip.

"Go over to the bed!" ordered Clarence, getting up off his knees. He
escorted Tyrome to the bed, then helped him get into doggy position on his
hands and knees. Tyrome looked back at Clarence over his muscular shoulder.

"Take it easy man..., don't hurt me!" he warned.

"I know my way around an asshole!" assured Clarence, falling to his knees
behind Ty's ass at the edge of the bed. Tyrome wondered where he went, then
he suddenly felt his hands on his ass cheeks, pulling them apart.
Clarence looked into the ass crack, loving the look of the tight
straight hole surrounded with a tuft of black curly anal hair. He parted
the brown bubbled cheeks to expose the anus. He leaned inward and extended
his long wet tongue, swiping it up the crack and across the hole, tasting
it for flavor.

"Oh SHIT...!!" choked Tyrome, jumping from the unexpected sensation. He'd
never had his asshole licked before, never having found a female freaky
enough to try it.
Clarence savored the taste of the hole on his tongue before swiping
it again. He loved how Ty's body jumped and jerked every time he licked his
bud. Most straight guys didn't know how to take the feeling at first. Some
liked it, most learned to like it after repeated experiences, but then
there were those who's manhoods were really rocked and threatened by the
experience and couldn't handle it at all. Clarence wondered which type Ty
would be as he buried his face between the cheeks and starting sucking the
hole outright.

"Oh fuck...! Oh shit...!!" groaned Tyrome, trying to crawl away from the
intense sucking. It felt like someone had attached a vacuum to his anus and
turned it on. Clarence suctioned his fat lips around his anal ring, and
darted his long fat tongue in and out of his anus. He grabbed the man
around the hips to hold him steady, keeping him from getting away.

"Shit man..., stop..." moaned Ty weakly, falling flat onto the
mattress. Clarence followed him, keeping his face pressed up between the
ass cheeks.
Tyrome managed to roll over onto his side, trying to twist and turn
his ass out of the way, but Clarence merely twisted his head to get a
better angle, scissoring Ty's legs open as he continued to suck and slurp
at the pouting hole. Ty squirmed, trying to wiggle away as Clarence got him
onto his back and locked his legs so he couldn't move. Ty lay his head on
the bed with his ass raised high in a vulnerable position so Clarence could
get full access. The younger man devoured the hole before him, tongue
fucking him and sucking on the hole until he had it pulsating and dripping
wet with his saliva.
He pressed a forefinger inside, feeling the relaxed muscles clamp
down on the invader. Tyrome groaned aloud as the finger moved back and
forth. Clarence reached up between Ty's legs, finding his hard dick and
began stroking it while adding another finger to the tight ring. He
alternated fingers and tongue as he slowly but surely caused the hole to
open more and more. Tyrome was pre-cumming like crazy after Clarence found
his prostate gland and began poking and massaging it profusely. Tyrome
found himself moaning heavily as he started to spread his legs to get the
fingers to go in deeper.

Primed and ready for penetration, Clarence reached for a small
packet of lube he always carried for emergencies in his pants pocket. He
pulled his thick fat long dark dick from the slit of his purple shorts, and
started to massage the lube along the shaft out of sight. His face was
still pressed between Ty's ass cheeks, licking and sucking the sweet hole
as Ty slowly stroked his own dick. He'd never felt anything so nasty and so
good before in his life! Was this how women felt when they got their
pussies sucked? He wondered.
Clarence licked his way up from Tyrome's ass towards his balls. He
rolled the ball player back onto his hands and knees, positioning his round
buttock waist high as he prepared it for fucking. He kissed and licked his
muscular back as he pressed his dick head up to the wet hole. Instinctively
Ty's anus snapped shut, sensing an invader near. Clarence pushed his head
into the center, massaging the ring as he slowly added more and more
pressure. Using the same technique he used with his tongue, he pressed in
and out, in and out, in and out until the hole started to open
automatically. Tyrome gasped when the fat head penetrated his anal lips,
the sphincter muscles clamping around the dome of the penis.


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