Sex Stimulant: Poppers

Anal sex can be quite painful so there are many tricks of the trade that have been put out there to make a smooth process. A very common sex stimulant in the gay community are poppers.

Poppers are nitrates which usually are prescribed for patients in capsules with liquid inside that are "popped" to release vapors. Poppers are actually illegal but are often sold under the name of leather cleaners, room deodorizer or video head cleaners. If they come into contact with skin it can cause irritation and skin rashes. Poppers can overtime damage your nose and lungs if used on a regular basis.

Poppers are inhaled through the nose and are meant to relax the muscles around the body; specifically aimed at muscles of the anus. This relaxation makes it easier for penetration. But the down side is this high only lasts for a few minutes so you will have to re-apply if having sex for a while.

Aside the relaxation of muscles, poppers also dilate blood vessels and increase heart rate. You will most definitely get that sex high but that sex high can alter your ability to make rational decisions.

A big negative about poppers is that they have been shown to reduce the functioning of a persons immune system making them more prone to being infected with HIV.

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Go From Boy To Boyfriend

You know that friend you have who you are just ecstatic you two are friends but you would kill to be his boyfriend??? Well bitch why not make your man!? What have you got to lose?

In the gay community when you meet new people you have that thought running through your mind "Hmm could he be a good boyfriend? What would our lives be like if we were together?"

When you guys hang out you know he is just the right one for you but you two have just been on that friends level and you want to take that risk and see what hes like being your boyfriend. Hell you're tired of being single! There are three simple approaches to go from friend to boyfriend.

The easiest of the three strategies is spending as much time as possible with the person. It is a very subtle approach to making him your man. Inviting him to hang out with you more and more is an easy way for you two to learn more and more about each other.

In this instance....desperation is not the key....Invite but don't invite him to everything you do everyday. 9 times out of 10 if he likes you as much as you like him he will definitely want to spend time with you....HOW PERFECT! This can also work vice verse, if he is always saying "no thanks" "I have other plans" all the time then that is also a sign that he is not as interested in you as you are in him.

For those bold character types you can simply make a move. If you are in a laid back environment, being affectionate and physical with him is a sign to let him know you are interested. Make a drink and get comfortable with each other. As you are being touchy feely with him and he reciprocates....BOOYAH!

Honesty is also the best policy. Generally you are the shy type so it is best to talk to him one on one so you do not have to worry about outside influences. Even though this is one of the best approaches, it can be the most brutal. You have to remember that he may not react exactly how you want him to and may take him some time to respond...if he even responds. Just do not put all your eggs in one basket and get them knocked over!

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Hot Ass Men

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6 Common Sex Mistakes

You see a man who thinks just because he has a big penis or he has good looks he knows what to do in the bedroom. Like he is the master of his domain...and his domain being in the vadge or booty. Especially in the gay society you have people who are strict tops and strict bottoms and they feel like they may know everything about sex but until we experience absolutely everything sex wise one really cannot say anything.

A popular way of thinking is "if they do it in porn then that's how i should do it" which is far from the truth. So here are some common mistakes we can make during sex because we are just not in the know.

Silence Is The Key

We cannot assume that our partner knows what is going to please us unless we speak up. Because if you just lay there and you are just quiet then you will probably not end up getting yours the way you wanted. Speak Up! Let them know whats going on!

You Can Navigate The Inside Parts Like Blackbeard The Pirate

Not everyone is build the same on the inside. I tell people all the time "You cannot just pull into my have to go down the hill then back in slowly." You can easily look at a picture of someones inside parts but that does not mean it is exactly what it looks like.

Your Skills Are All They Need

Sure, you may be good at oral sex or can ride or penetrate like no other but that doesn't mean it is going to get that person at the moment to that point of sexual climax. Just because your penis is gigantic, you still may not be hitting all the right spots. Or vice verse someone needs someone to go way deep and your 6" penis cannot make it that far.

There is also the possibility that you are not riding it the right way or gyrating the correct way or moving enough to make him ejaculate....This goes back to COMMUNICATION. VOICE YOUR NEEDS.

You Know What They Want

It worked with one person so let me just do the same exact thing and this new person is going to want that. Far from the truth. Everyone likes something a different way. Some may not like penetration, some may or may not like oral sex. Some positions may work for some and may not work for others.

You Worry About How You Look During Sex

Hmm how does my sex face look? Am I still looking cute even though he is beating my back in? Don't worry about that. 6 times out of 10 the person is already attracted to you before the sexual act so he is still going to be attracted to you during the act...unless you are doing something just god awful and its a turn off.

He Is Always Ready And Up For Sex

We are humans and love sex, but not everyone needs it 24/7. It seems like a man is always up to getting his dick sucked or to penetrate something but that is not always the case. Someones emotions can play a part in whether or not they are up to having sex. Sex can be a stress reliever but there are those days where we just need a hug.

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How To Be A Flirt

Flirting can be a way of showing genuine interest in a potential spouse. There are a few ways to approach it and here are 10 quick tips when flirting with someone that will get you a step closer to that first initial date.

Flirting 69

1. Have Fun: Some men like those hard edge men but be as playful as possible. It also helps to be light hearted and spontaneous. If you show your vulnerability it shows you aren't so hard edge all the time it shows a soft side shows you are human and you have emotions.

2. Start The Conversation: In our culture it is customary to say things like "wassup" and the dreaded "wus good." Leave that shit in the garbage where it belongs. A simple hello or hey would suffice. Talk about whats going on around you. Or even ask a question or ask for help....that goes back to showing your vulnerability which could be a turn on for some.

3. Bring Props Along: If you are anti social and do not know how to talk about things why not have a helping hand? An ideal prop could be a dog, great smelling cologne, interesting clothing, reading material, hell even children. These things always encourage conversation.

4. Making Eye Contact: This is always a little tricky. Everyone takes it differently. It is ideal to gently glance at someone for about 2 to 4 seconds. Please do not give them the "bitch please" stare or look at them for a long time because that is very stalker like.

5. Giving Compliments: If you did not make the initial contact why not let them know you are interested by giving them a compliment back. By doing that you let someone know that you have noticed them as well. I always have problems receiving compliments [self esteem issues] but the proper response to a compliment is a simple "thank you" and to shoot that bitch right back at them.

6. Smiling Always Helps: Smiling and laughing is always contagious. Being in a good mood makes you more approachable than anything.

7. Make The First Move: Move a little closer to the person you want to meet and say "hi." Trying to talk from a far...not cute!

8. Why Not Be The Host: For that second encounter instead of being the guest why not be the host. He has already showed he is a welcoming person....why not you?

9. Listen Listen Listen: Please listen as much as you talk. Do not dominate the entire conversation and leave someone else speechless. Listening as much as speaking encourages mutual conversation and allows both of you to be comfortable.

10. That's Your Attitude: Flirting is an attitude. A good flirt is self confident and is not afraid to take risks. It helps to be positive and as enthusiastic as possible.

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The Walk of Shame Bag

I more than anyone I know have had to take that walk of shame when I leave a man's house the next morning. But it is the gay community....and I know I am not the only one taking that walk in the mornings. Do you remember the last time you hooked up with someone and you walked out looking a mess?? Don't pretend like it was in 2008 because you know it was within the last month.

When it comes to hooking up with people I have always learned to be prepared because you do not know what situation you get yourself into. So me personally I keep a few things in my car at all times. Whether you are male or female these items that I have I feel are always essential. I will admit sometimes I do not have the opportunity to grab it from my car but it is always there just in case....especially if I spend the night somewhere.

An important note is some items can be taken out and compressed if you are meaning to just get some booty and walk right out!

1. Cute Underwear
After the deed is done presentation is still important. Yes you may look a mess and feel a mess but lets say you two get in the shower together and when you get out afterwards he is probably going to see you in your underwear so hey...why not break out your backup cute pair of underwear and pick up a compliment from him while you're at it.

2. Lubricant
Only you know what lubricant works best for you; Especially if you are a bottom. Please do not let these crazy men try and use lotion and baby oil or even worse.....VASELINE!!!. That will tear your ass up!! So why not just save yourself the pain and bring lube that you know and trust will make you feel good.

3. Condoms
For your safety have condoms with you. How often have you been in the situation where you do not have condoms and you hear a man trying to be sly and say "Let me just put the head in." That absolutely does not cut it. You can prevent a lifetime of heart ache by just spending an extra 20 seconds to put a condom on his dick.

4. Toiletries
What better way to remain fresh than have your toiletries? What should be in it? Well deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, some means of a face cleanser [get that jizz out of your pores], soap because you never know what someone is or is not going to have at their home. Cologne and a type of moisturizer is also ideal.

5. Change Of Clothes
You do not want to be seen walking out in the same set of clothes you had on yesterday. Especially if you have to go somewhere right after. So a top, bottom, shoes and accessories would be nice. To avoid getting your clothes from getting wrinkled

6. Extra Cell Phone Battery
In this day and age of cell phones doing absolutely everything imaginable there is no question about it the battery will drain relatively quickly. Sometimes some are a little embarrassed to carry the entire charger or do not even have a chance to charge it so the extra battery will be extremely convenient.

There are many different things you can put in an Walk Of Shame Bag. These are the items that I keep in mine that I need to function efficiently the next day. Hopefully this gives you an idea as to what to put in your bag when you go to hook up with that Mr. Right Now.

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WET Platinum Lubricant Review

Lubrication is a vital part of sex. WET is a company that has a variety of lubricants from his and her lube, to flavored lube, to lube with pheromones, to my personal favorite WET Platinum lube.

WET Platinum is their premiere lubricant which is great to use in all locations.

A personal experience I had with WET Platinum:

I was sexing someone....or he was sexing me rather and we were all into it and loving every moment of it. WET Platinum was just working its magic we were in a variety of positions going for about 40 minutes. I forgot my friend was coming to visit me. Living where I live it is standard for people to leave their doors unlocked. So my friend doesn't knock he just comes in and caught us smashing. So he went back outside while we ran to the bathroom.

Of course no sex is good sex if you do not finish and so we continued in the bathroom. Bent over the sink and even in the shower and I will agree with the makers of WET Platinum...this lube is great for sex in the shower. They usually say oil and water doesn't mix but WET Platinum and water work just fine. If it weren't I would have said something right then and there because water and anal sex do not mix.

I recommend this lubricant just for penetration not so much for self satisfaction. WET says you can use it for massages but it is best just for penetrative sex. But to everything good...there is a bad side and the thing with this is you cannot just wipe it off you. you need soap and water to remove it completely so no quickies. Which when you think about it...could be a good thing. This is not good for use with silicone based sex toys either.

Here is what others have to say about WET Platinum

"This is my all time favorite lubricant. It doesn't break down or get sticky. It leaves your skin feeling really soft."

"WOW... compared to water based lubes ... this is the BEST. Silky, smooth, long lasting, only need a little it is so economical... and compared to the leading brand... better in all respects... Quality, price, luxury."

""The best post menopausal lubricant we've found. "

You can purchase WET Platinum at your local Walgreen's, Walmart, CVS or get it online here.

You can get free samples of WET Lubricant here.

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Hot Ass Black Men

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Getting Tested and Symptoms Of HIV

Some of the information is going to be information you have seen before if you read the M.A.L.E. Blog

HIV testing is a vital part in living a sexual lifestyle. I am not going to lecture you about sexual health if you want that you can learn about it here. This is just to inform you on getting tested for the HIV/AIDS virus as well as potential symptoms of HIV/AIDS. If you have not taken the test before in then there are rather easy options for you to get tested.

OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 [Blood]- A finger prick to get a sample of ones blood is collected and placed in a tube that contains a pre measured volume of developing solution that detects a presence of the HIV in the blood sample in 20 minutes.

OraQuick Fluid Rapid HIV [Oral]- A patient swabs around their upper and lower gums which is put in a similar developing solution that detects the HIV antibodies by displaying two red lines in a small window on the test tube within 20 minutes.

If you test negative then you have nothing to worry about but if you test is time to take your health serious. Granted we all should take our health serious regardless but for some it will be more important than others. Luckily in our current day and age an infectious disease doctor as well as a nutritionist will be able to help those infected get on a path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some symptoms that a person infected with HIV may experience. There are cases where people who have been exposed to the disease do not show any of these symptoms so it is always best to just get tested.

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Keep Your Man From Cheating On You

So lets face it...people cheat when in relationships. Some people feel like its just in their personality while other believe that it is the spouses fault for doing it. So if you are in that special relationship and want to keep your man from cheating there are quite a few things you personally can do to prevent that. As well as a potential breakup that will leave you devastated.

But lets focus on universal reasons as to why men cheat. The most obvious reason as to why men cheat is because of sex. It is possible you aren't doing something in the bedroom to keep him satisfied, you have something he no longer wants or he could be insecure feeling he isn't good enough for you. Your man could feel under appreciated and is wanting to go somewhere else where he can get that appreciation and that spark he once felt in the beginning.

It is easy to just say to your man "you are a cheater" and just blow him off and blame everything on him but you have to remember IT TAKES TWO. So you cannot be just victim in this situation.

So with that in mind how can you keep your man from cheating???

The easiest thing to do is compliment your man. Let him know that he is the ONE for you and you are the ONE for him. People always love compliments and to feel great. But please do not just say it just to say it there has to be meaning behind it. A way to back up how meaningful your compliment is use examples. Pick something out about him and tell him why you love it. Inflate that mans Ego!

When you two talk to each other...what are your conversations like? Have they changed? Are they not as exciting as they used to be? Stimulation of ones mind is vital in any relationship.

When it comes to interactions outside the bedroom...Why not do something for him? Ask him what he
likes if you do not already know by now. Do something special for him. If he has a lot on his plate offer to lighten the load. Why no do something for him that he knows you hate but he really enjoys? That is definitely going to show that you do care about him because you are doing things for him because you want to not because you have to...COMPROMISE! Dates on a regular basis is also going to keep your relationship fresh.

Turn him on when you two are away from each other. You know what I mean by that; we all have some sort of picture of ourselves in a not so PG Rated state. Let him know what he can get a piece of when he gets home. A great and I mean great tip I read about from Lora Somoza is

One simple but powerful tease is to wait til he's brushing his teeth... Then just get on your knees for a second, take him in your mouth for just a quick second, jump back up and then tell him, "Hurry, home, baby..." (He'll be thinking about you all day and chances are, will arrive home early!)

Here's a initiate sexual interactions. That is going to make him feel wanted and needed. In doing that please do not give him the same boring 5 minute head routine. Change your game up. Try something new...something interesting....something a bit more daring. With that in mind give him enough sex to where he doesn't need to get it anywhere else. Wear his ass out!! Wear it out to the point to where he is knocked sleep afterwards.

The one thing that we all have to remember is to seal it with a KISS.

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Food That Makes You Horny As Hell

Food offers more than just nutrients to ones body. They add fat and can also make you horny. Of course not every food is going to make you want to get some pipe. So take out your grocery list and add these foods if you are wanting to get laid this weekend.

So the night you invite that hot piece of thing over then make sure you have one if not all of these foods in stock at your home if you are trying to get lucky without being so obvious about it.

Ever wondered why you get so turned on in the movie theater?? Its because liquorice increases the blood flow to your naughty bits

Vanilla and Vanilla Ice Cream

The calcium and phosphorus found in Vanilla ice cream can build your muscles' energy reserves, boost your libido as well make your orgasm more intense. Not only that but the scent of a vanilla bean stimulates your nerves and puts you in the mood.

Spicy Chili Peppers

There is a chemical found in chili peppers called capsaicin. That is the chemical that heats things up when you PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH. But this chemical increases your blood circulation and stimulates all of the nerve endings and will result in you being turned on.

More foods that make you horny after the jump....

Known as the oldest aphrodisiac in the books. It contains Vitamin E which stimulates the production of sex hormones. It has been known to increase swelling in your naughty parts but do not expect to go from 6 to 16" overnight!

Chocolate and Strawberries
This sexy snack packs twice as much power with the ability to release the same hormone people release during sex as well as vitamin C that boost your libido.

Plain and simple this food has a ton of antioxidants which increase the blood flow to all parts of the body...including the man meat

Red Wine
Not only does it taste delicious and gets you tipsy as hell, the antioxidants help boost the blood flow and improve circulation while having sex.

Saffron is known as an antidepressant as well as a pain blocker. So if you cannot handle your partners giant one eyed snake then this should help you out. Picrcrocin is also found in saffron and can make ones body very sensitive to the touch.

Sirloin Steak
We all know that meat packs protein and zinc. Steak will result in boosted dopamine, heightened sensitivity as well as a reduction of prolactin [a mood killing hormone]

This delectable fruit are filled with potassium and Vitamin B which produce those oh so vital sex hormones. As well as vital in muscle strength and you know what that means when your muscles are tight especially in the booty and snatch. INTENSITY!!!

Citrulline [amino acid] found in watermelon can increase the amount of nitric oxide in your body which results in relaxed blood vessels and an increase of blood circulation.

Not only does this taste good in your Tea but the B vitamins enhance your estrogen and testosterone levels.

The raunchy veggie contains male hormones and it has been proven to arouse people who are attracted to men

Seafood isn't just for the lesbians anymore!! Oysters have iodine as well as zinc and those two will boost body temperature and respiration [bringing oxygen to cells] and can boost testosterone.

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