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Getting On Track

October is usually my month where things always go fantastic for me. They most certainly have but pleasure does not come without pain. What does that mean? It means as doors start to open for you....other doors close. 

I have begun working at a new job which is fantastic because after a year of living here and being under employed I finally have something stable and it takes up a lot of my time. Long days....short nights so I cannot really find the time to write.

On top of that I have a lot of other issues I have to deal with and handle on my own. I definitely understand there are only a few things that you can do by yourself without being able to open up and ask for help/emotional support from others. I am almost at that part where I could only handle my burdens emotionally on my own and am on the way to needing that emotional support to get me through.

But long story short......I am going to be gone for a while until I can get myself back to a point of balance where I am content with myself.

I won't be blogging but i am on facebook/myspace/twitter/yahoo/AIM, so if you need to find me you can find me on one of those social media facets.

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How To Just Turn Him Off

So you met this guy and you went on a date with him and after the first date, you just weren't feeling him. You told him you weren't interested but he just does not get the hint. Days go by where you make no contact with him but he constantly tries to get into contact with you. But you are just too nice of a person to say "Leave me the fuck alone!"

Well there's always a subtle way to let people go and what better way to do that than to just simply be such a turn off to him he just truly doesn't want to deal with you anymore. Here are some ways you can turn that date off so he isn't blowing up your phone anymore.

Dress An Absolute Mess
You two go on a date again and this time just look your absolute worst. No man wants to be seen with swamp thing. But this has a flip side. You may not want to look too messy to the point where you may run into future booty and you can't go from demon to diva [its the best i could come up with].

Expect Him To Pay For Everything
You know how everyone wants to be with that person whose INDEPENDENT! Well its always nice to offer to pay or even help pay for a date. But a person who doesn't and just overtly says "You got it" and just walks out the building and wait for him outside.....grounds for termination lol.

Talk About Your Problems
Go on about all the drama in your life. Mention the drama with your family, all your friends drama. Don't forget to mention the fight you got into last week outside the club with Pookie.

Don't Thank Him For Anything
He buys you dinner, he pays for your movie ticket, he opens the door for you, he even says "bless you." Don't say anything back. Essentially being rude.

Avoid Him
He calls....don't answer. He sends you a text do not reply to it. He follows up that text with another, act like you never got it. Oh shoot here he comes approaching you....make an excuse and escape!

Talk About Your Ex
Mention all the good times you had with your ex. Also talk about all the drama you had with your ex. Nothing is more of a turn off than a person who is still obsessed with their last relationship.

Next week.....How To Turn Him On And Be Cute About It

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Hot Ass Men

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Walking That Road To A Breakup

Within the last month or so I have seen many relationships crumble around me. They have all come to the conclusion that it was time to move on and are you in that situation? How do you know when it is time to let him go?

Holding onto a bad relationship can be draining emntally and physcially. We want to be in love but never want to fall out of love with someone so we keep what is not good for us. You hear people say all the time when a relationship is not a good one "Honey let him go" and it is always easier said than done but here are some ways to help you determine when it is time to truly let him go.

Family and friends know you more than anyone else so why not take the time to listen to what they have to say about your relationship withoutbeing defensive about it. When people talk about someone you like, you instantly go on the defense and defend them so their image and reputation isnt tainted. But it always takes an outsider looking in to see the things that you are missing. Because your friends/family saw you before you were with the significant other  they were able to see how you have changed since he has entered into your life.

It is good to start analyzing yourself instead of analyzing the situation that you are in. Are you truly happy? Have you been able to benefit from this relationship at all? How does he make you feel? Are there more bad times than good? If you feel you aren't able to trust him and you are always voicing your concern about him spending more time with you.....You AREN't HAPPY.

One problem many people have is when they make decisions they rarely stick with them. Especially when it comes to being in a relationship. You decide to break up one day and then the next day you two are having makeup sex. So once you make your decision...MAKE IT FINAL! This is going to keep your man, or ex from being led on and you have the peace of mind to find you another hopefully more stable relationship. Remember all you have learned from this past relationship. All those mistakes you made on fixing them.

Don't think with just your heart. If its time to let go...Then honey, let go and let god!

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Keeping That Dickly Stricktly......Yours

Boys......and girls, do you have that man who can't keep his dick in his pants? Do you want him to say "this is yours and really mean it!?" Well the fabulous people at Gay Sex Toy have brought you the ultimate in chastity belts for men. How does this one differ? It goes directly on the penis so his dick is on lock! And guess what!? Only you have the key!!!

The CB6000 Designer Chastity adds a new dimension to the CB6000 line by offering them with a more patterned look. Men can now choose between a camouflage style, chrome shine or a wood block style. The CB6000 is an upgrade over previous chastity devices.

With the CB6000, men can keep their partner from obtaining a full erection. Imagine placing it on your partner's cock and then teasing them to erection. While they *want* to be able to show you how fully aroused and ready they are, the CB6000 will restrict the full erection from taking place. [Which is unfortunate but he should only be getting hard when you are around anyway!]

Features and Benefits:

  • There are three interlocking pieces that fit together as one complete device.
  • There are two guide pins that hold the top pieces together with a locking pin connecting the cage to the ring.
  • The Hinge has been removed for added comfort.
  • The Locking mechanism has been improved to make it easier to change the rings.
  • Redesign of the cage allows for a more comfortable fit during long term use.
The model is made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate and the cage has vented slots for quick drying. The bottom opening allows to ease of use at the urinals.
Sizing: The rings come in 5 sizes: 1.5", 1 5/8", 1.75", 1 7/8" and 2" (each measurement is in diameters). The cage length is 3.75" with an inside diameter of 1 3/8".

You can purchase your dick lock here

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Being Happy Single While Your Friends Are Taken

Relationships....Are they overated? Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be able to say "I have that special somebody that I can come home to." But unfortunately your friend can say all of that and all you have to come home to is a Pepperoni Hot Pocket waiting for you in the freezer.

The holidays are apporaching and everyone is "Boo'ed" up yet you are by yourself wondering why you are still single? But you can most certainly be happy being single while your friends are pre-occupied with relationships.

You remember those days when you and your best friend ran the town, you had wild sex stories to tell each other the next night and the process repeats the next weekend. But recently your friend found a boyfriend and you start to see less and less of them. Now that your friend is gone you kind of have more time on your hands to yourself but the last thing you should dois consider it to be lonliness....FLIP THAT SHIT! Think about it as a chance to put your energy into making your life more exciting. Some things that you can put this new found energy into:

  • Writing a blog [why not get your thoughts out there for the public to read]
  • Plan a little get away by yourself or to meet up with a long lost friend
  • Work out [get that body looking good!]
  • Check out new places you haven't been before
  • Be more social with other people you haven't met or have kind of put off to the side
  • Get a pet [you can put all of that love and affection towards it]

One of the most important things is to be greatful for your solitude and your single life while you still have it. You could meet that special person at any point and time and there goes your single life...there goes your worrying about you and you alone. Now you have to think about someone else. Right now you are able to be as spontanious as you want to be but as soon as that man comes along, you are going to have to work someone else into your life and work around their schedule as well.

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Integrating Change Into Your Life

A part of living life is accepting change whether it is welcomed or forced upon us. Regardless it helps us in our journey and transforms us into the people that we are. For those times it does not go over so smoothly there are things that we can keep in mind that make the process of accepting and incorporating change in our life's a hell of a lot easier.

When a new situation is put in front of us it takes time to wrap our heads around it. This time allows us to use our strengths and creativity to figure out how we will adapt. On the other hand, not taking the time to adapt to change; you could lose out on a good opportunity that this may bring forth in the future.

In change you have to be able to accept and tolerate whatever means of discomfort you may experience. There are moments where you feel anxious about things and you just need to cool those heels. The good thing is this anxiety is short lived because you will get used to your new situation.

Self Health
Change can bring about high levels of stress. And stress weakens ones immune system, so during this time eating right and getting proper amounts of rest is definitely ideal.

Personal Attitude
Your attitude affects everything you do. A negative attitude brings negative energy and is going to make this new transition a negative experience for you. So concentrate on having a positive attitude and a positive outlook on the situation.

Make Room
This new transition can be a little intrusive and disruptive so it is best to hang on to those things that give you comfort and you can turn to while going through this process. Surrounding yourself with your friends and people that can offer support is also going to ease the pain.

Change is something that you cannot avoid. There are some things you can maneuver around but there is always going to be that one thing you cant bypass. So open it...accept it...embrace it.

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Bottoms UP Megamix Unreleased

So instead of making it seem like a new one I did I just named it UNRELEASED. Here is the track list for it. The songs are definite club bangers. Enjoy!

Work For It-Ludacris feat Trina
So Special-Movado
Ride Rims-Dem Franchize Boyz
Ring A Ling-Black Eyed Peas
Every Girl-Young Money
Swag Surfin-F.L.Y.
Drop And Give Me 50-Mike Jones feat Hurricane Kris
Drink In My Cup-Electrik Red
Look Back At Me-Trina

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Talk Dirty To Me!

How many of you out there have those partners that want you to talk dirty to them and you are just like "WHAT!?" or "I don't know what to say" and how about "I feel weird talking dirty to you." I know I am definitely like that because you don't want your words to haunt you in the future. But remember what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom unless you are the type to sex and tell.

Sex often is about pleasing your partner and dirty talk is an easy way to get your partner aroused. Once you start talking dirty with your partner it gets easier and easier to keep it going and to even do it in the future.

Beginners should always start with something simple. If you are getting some loving and it is feel just oh so good a simple phrase like "I like it when you touch _________" or "mMm right there." Those are the most reserved things you can say that can get your partner going! Nothing beats being complimented on how good their talents are.

Of course during sex things always escalate so now you can move on to get a little raunchier. But and a big BUT...nothing is more of a turn off than when you use the proper terminology of body parts i.e. "Buttock" and "penis" and "vagina" "oral sex" "penetration"

"oOo babe you are orally pleasing my penis very nicely"

"Boo you penetrating my buttocks and it feels heavenly"

You have to turn up the RAUNCHY METER and think like a porn star! Throw out your proper speech and bring some slang into the bedroom. If you throw in a little dirty slang with the right tone in your voice....You will definitely be hitting the spot vocally!

Another great way to ease the both of you into the dirty talk is to ask questions when you two are in the act. "You want me to tear that ass up?" "You like that?"

You will know you are doing a great job if you are asking questions and your partner is unable to answer your questions and all they can give you in response is a moan of pleasure.

Its sex....get into it and enjoy it!

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Eliminating Nice Guy Disorder

"_____ Is starting to believe good guys finish last" via Facebook status

How often have we heard that phrase??? Probably very often because it is unfortunate as it is. When it comes to being a nice guy it has a totally different meaning when it comes to dating than it does in the real world. Often times "NICE GUY" is that cover up when you aren't feeling someone. Nice guy however is such a broad term and could mean so many different things.

"You are such a nice guy but it is not going to work out between us"

Well if they're a nice guy why the hell not? Who doesn't want a man who treats them with respect?

Is it actually because they want someone with backbone? Is it because you have showed your vulnerability? Were you just too passive when making the first move? Did you agree with absolutely everything they were saying? Were you just too careful with what you were saying that it turned out you weren't saying anything interesting at all? That is known as NICE GUY DISORDER.....and there is a way to cure it.

When someone gives you the "You're a nice guy...but" All that means is you have come off too easy, too approachable. You have come off as too much of a weakling possibly too desperate or simply just not exciting at all.

But since being a "NICE" guy can be so broad you have to determine what is it about you that people aren't liking and why they have decided to let you go.

Time to reassess your dating style...Give yourself a little edge. All of these problems tend to be personality issues and who doesn't love a personality that is capable of asserting themselves instead of being so passive and nice add a little substance to that!

But do I add that edge!?!?
Side note: A man approached me last Sunday in a parking lot and he certainly did not have nice guy disorder and his personality was making me melt like no other. Here are some things I gathered about his personality that is getting him the bois.

You can start by creating a list of all your attributes you want to cultivate and be sure that nice isn't a compliment of yours. That is simply because nice people are bland. Everyone wants to date someone whose confident, passionate, generous, observant, strong and even charismatic.

Are too many of your potential dates becoming friends? Well let them go!!! You need to have a lot more romantic interests! You need to have a list of men in your phone who are just for dating and you can call up to go on a date. So when you meet a new person don't try to be their friend at first keep them in the dating zone.

What about that whole agreeing with what everyone says thing? Cut it! Have an opposing opinion....stand your ground. If you are that shit! If you think someone is acting them out! A man who can call someone out on their bullshit is what people really want....not a flimsy ass person who kisses the ground they walk on.

Your NICE GUYness also does nothing for anyone sexually. It fuels no sexual interest or even mild tension. A nice guy is going to be too passive in the bedroom. Try being a bit more hands on and touchy/feely.

An easy way to do that is just give hugs...Light touching during conversations [i.e. touching their shoulder....small of the back...grabbing their arm or hand when telling a story]. Flirting on a daily basis is also going to help you get comfortable with you being a sexual beast because if you are confident enough to flirt with someone you are confident enough lay down that pipe at the end of the night!

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Hot Ass Black Men

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Bottoms UP Megamix Vol 17

To download right click on "Download" and choose [Save As]

Volume 17 of the Bottoms Up Mixes brings you entirely brand new unreleased songs with the exception for about 3 of them. All these songs are pretty much club bangers that get you shaking that ass like Bottoms Up always does! Enjoy!

Take Your Shirt Off- T-Pain
Unknown-Destiny's Child
O Let's Do It-Wack Flocka Flame
Hard Rock-50 Cent feat Ester Dean
Bounce That Ass-GS Boyz
She Wolf [Remix]-Shakira Feat T-Pain
I Can Transform Ya-Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz
Counterfeit-Yung Joc
Whippin My Hair-Rihanna
Whoa-Lil Kim

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