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After Ex Sex

Retro Tasty!

As we grow and go through that long battle to find the right one for us, we go through many relationships with many different people and whether or not you keep them in you're life afterwards varies from person to person of course.

Your breakup may have been a nasty one and you do not want to see the person ever again or it could be totally different and you and your ex could be great friends.

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Learning To Accept Your Illness.

Sitting in that office waiting for results from the test you took a few minutes ago or a few weeks ago about [fill in your situation here] is always the most nerve wrecking feeling you will ever have. You have a whirlwind of emotions flowing through your body. "what if the results are good" "what if the results are bad" "whats the next step for me" "What will family and friends think." I get a lot of questions from people about coping with things, what is the next step, how to manage, etc. As humans living on this earth we come face to face with many diseases and illnesses such ass:

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MMSex Messaging

Cell phones have revolutionized the way we communicate ...the way we interact...the way we keep up to date with things....and the way we get hot and horny. When you hear that your friend or someone you know has nude pictures of themselves in their phone the Christian in you says "eww, I would never do that! You are so nasty."

Let's be honest you know you've done it yourself! You have some sort of picture that shows you in your best light and I am going to be the first one to tell you it is alright to have some erotic pictures in your phone. Think of it as an EROTIC CALLING CARD. Here are some rules and regulations with sending, receiving and handling nude MMSex messages.

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Hot Ass Men

More after the jump!

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Neck Sex....Not Only For Giraffes

When you are in the heat of the moment looking for someones erogenous zone you go for the obvious places like the lips, nips, and genitals. Some people go for the neck but most shy away from it because they feel they don't do a good job in that area. But when you see your friend the next day and they have all those marks on their neck you know they were with someone good last night. But I know you are wondering "Well Noble, how can I be the person that gives a good 'neck job'?"

I am not going to get in too deep because everyone knows how to initiate the whole kissing situation and it varies from person to person. But it is always good to start slow and work up to being more passionate with your kisses.

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100 Favorite Ass Shaking Songs of the 2000's Part 2

I put together a list of my 100 favorite ass shaking.....pound that shit on the dance floor hits of the last decade. Here is the first half of the list 49-1. Go through it and see if you see any hits you remember shaking your shit to on somebodies dance floor or blasting it in your car. Enjoy!

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