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As we grow and go through that long battle to find the right one for us, we go through many relationships with many different people and whether or not you keep them in you're life afterwards varies from person to person of course.

Your breakup may have been a nasty one and you do not want to see the person ever again or it could be totally different and you and your ex could be great friends.

I recently have gone through the situation where I want to be friends with a person I have dated in the past but because of strong feelings or dare i say it "love" I know that I cannot be as close friends with him as I would like because we will both want something out of the friendship we both have.

Of course after a breakup we always go through the feeling awkward about dating or having sex with other people so we tend to even have sex with our exes even though we know it isn't helping the situation at all.

But based on my experience I just have a couple points to make about breakups and dealing with your exes.

It will definitely take a while before you are able to cope with and want to even talk to your ex lover. It is best to get your emotions in check first and be able to get over you're previous feelings for your ex so you can have a friendly conversation with them.

Ex Sex can definitely be convenient but it WILL bring back past emotions and if you are not trying to get back with your previous lover.....don't do it!!!

It is one thing to be good friends with your ex lover but when the new lover comes into play that may cause tension between everyone and it may be best to just keep them distant as well as yourself from your ex. You have a new main person in your life now and you need to focus on whats going to happen in the present/future not the past with your ex.

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