Neck Sex....Not Only For Giraffes

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When you are in the heat of the moment looking for someones erogenous zone you go for the obvious places like the lips, nips, and genitals. Some people go for the neck but most shy away from it because they feel they don't do a good job in that area. But when you see your friend the next day and they have all those marks on their neck you know they were with someone good last night. But I know you are wondering "Well Noble, how can I be the person that gives a good 'neck job'?"

I am not going to get in too deep because everyone knows how to initiate the whole kissing situation and it varies from person to person. But it is always good to start slow and work up to being more passionate with your kisses.

It is always ideal to go from lips to ear because that gives you the opportunity to whisper some sweet goodness in there to get them turned on. Guess what!? How convenient, the ear lobe is there as well and you can do a little sucking and flicking of the tongue to the lobe. One thing that is an absolute turn off is getting their ear all wet with your saliva. So if you are going to be in the ear area...don't drench it!

From there its time to get down to the neck. Lower your lips toward your partners neck. As you move down slightly brush your lips on them while getting to the part of their neck you want to claim your own. By doing this your partner generally instantly raises their head so you can have complete access to the neck.

Kiss their neck gently at first. Of course make sure your lips aren't too moist. Sloppy kisses are just as bad as sloppy blow jobs. This is another instance where your tongue can come into play flicking their neck while the tongue still in your mouth so you don't give the illusion of a snake biting its prey.

Sucking the neck creates instant sensations in your partner. What I have learned that most people react to is you sucking their neck and with your lips still on their neck; just allow some air in like you are inhaling to take a breath.
With your saliva being warm and on their skin the air you are going to suck in is going to feel cool on their neck and just awaken some nerves that they are going to just love.

Feel their body language and take note of what your partner especially enjoys. Continue kissing and exploring their neck with your tongue as your licks become more prolonged. As the embrace loosens, nibble a bit at their neck and then press forward and nibble a bit more firmly.

What positions are best for taking advantage of someones neck?

1. Your partner lying down on the bed you on top of them holding their wrists down so they cannot move and are at the mercy of you and your hurricane tongue.

2. In the car action is always hot. You two are sitting virtually side by side so you have perfect aim at that neck and they can rest their head on that car headrest because you will be tearing that neck UP!

3. During sex there are positions you can take advantage of someones neck like missionary, bent spoon, body guard, cowgirl/boy, drill, jockey, lap dance, lotus, pearly gates,

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on January 4, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

My baby LOVES when I give his neck attention...

on March 7, 2010 at 4:48 AM  

Very helpful.

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