Learning To Accept Your Illness.

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Sitting in that office waiting for results from the test you took a few minutes ago or a few weeks ago about [fill in your situation here] is always the most nerve wrecking feeling you will ever have. You have a whirlwind of emotions flowing through your body. "what if the results are good" "what if the results are bad" "whats the next step for me" "What will family and friends think." I get a lot of questions from people about coping with things, what is the next step, how to manage, etc. As humans living on this earth we come face to face with many diseases and illnesses such ass:

Eating Disorder
Thyroid issues

and most people keep it to themselves and you wouldn't know anyone was suffering from anything. They try and live their lives just like everyone else and all you see is them doing so. But inside each person has to go through a stage of acceptance and found a way to move forward; when others haven't.

So from deep experience here are a few tips that will lead you to that road of acceptance or even if you know someone going through something this entry gives you a little insight as to what they are indeed feeling.

You often hear the phrase you are only dealt with what god knows you can handle. The first step in walking with the dealt card is learning to welcome that this is part of your life now; Emphasis on the PART.

The stereotypical "accept yourself for who you are" is always a primary step in doing anything. But you have to accept the situation you are in now. Blaming others is never the key or answer and can only truly make things worse. You cannot blame yourself for your fate in life or even your shortcomings.

Seeing the good qualities you possess are another rung on the ladder of acceptance. Let's have a look at who you are, where you've been in life and exactly where it is you are going. More often than not you are going to get there with or without this illness in your life.

Labeling yourself is also an important part. Labeling yourself as disabled or sick prevents stops the healing process. Accepting who you are and working through the negative emotions and tough feelings allow for a sense of calmness in your life. Being stuck or hung up on your situation is simply not an option what so ever.

In many instances and this including this one, talking it out and letting it out helps with the acceptance process. It helps even more if you talk with someone whose gone through the same thing you do. When having said conversation you will go through a plethora of emotions and that is perfectly fine. Feel every emotion, let out every frustration because its all part of the venting process.

The last step in accepting your sickness/illness is being able to reach out to others. When you are comfortable with giving advise, sharing your story and offering love to someone in need you have reached that golden pylon of acceptance.

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What a wonderful post, as usual!

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