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Cell phones have revolutionized the way we communicate ...the way we interact...the way we keep up to date with things....and the way we get hot and horny. When you hear that your friend or someone you know has nude pictures of themselves in their phone the Christian in you says "eww, I would never do that! You are so nasty."

Let's be honest you know you've done it yourself! You have some sort of picture that shows you in your best light and I am going to be the first one to tell you it is alright to have some erotic pictures in your phone. Think of it as an EROTIC CALLING CARD. Here are some rules and regulations with sending, receiving and handling nude MMSex messages.

Sending/Receiving MMSex messages

You connected with this really fine person when you were at a club and the next day you are texting away without a care in the world and you get that text message that reads "Send me some pix of you." So you send a picture of you smililng looking cute in that outfit and you get a reply "not those kind of pix."

Of course that means they want you to send some nude pictures. You try and act all cute and say "I don't have any" but they see right through you.

So what do you send first??

Half nude is always ideal. Send one topless or in really cute underwear then ramp it up with a little less clothing. But the key is to never send more than 2 or 3 at a time. You don't want to exhaust your entire collection.
They receive yours, you get your little compliment and they send one back....Be sure they send one back! Because MMSex messages are the modern 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.'

A good way to have fun with MMSex is when they send you one back it would be nice if you shot a little "cute" or "ur so fine" and a picture that compliments theirs in return.


they send: dick picture
you send: ass picture [because that represents anal sex]

they send: a picture of their chest
you send: an erotic tongue shot [symbolizing what ur going to do with that tongue on their chest]

they send: a picture with dick and jizz
you send: send the same thing back [because its the end of a good fuck session].

One thing that is always a little fun is if you two still happen to be communicating just bring up the fact that you have pictures of them in your phone. That's a great way to be a little flirty as well as initiate a little sexual action.

MMSex Handling

1. No full body nude shots. When your face is in it you cant DENY DENY DENY if your pictures get into the wrong hands.

2. Separate your nude pictures from your regular pictures. Because what is something everybody does when they get your phone in their hands? Go through your pictures....Save some distress and embarrassment.

3. Try and be current with your pictures. Do not send pictures that are more than 3 months old. I know you used to look cute then but if you don't look the same and you guys actually have sex and you don't look like u did in your pictures...its probably going to be a one night thing.

4. Don't be too artsy fartsy with it. Standard pictures are always idea. Photoshop as little as possible.

5. Use your own pictures! Sure you saw pictures of someone who sort of looks like you and so you decided to use their pictures instead. Well they're getting all the compliments not you.

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